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Ignorance of English Baccalaureate - need to learn fast!

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Ouma Mon 03-Mar-14 17:18:32

I never paid much attention to the press reports on the new English Baccalaureate as I thought it would only affect ds at A-level, but have now discovered that he needs to do a language for GSCE if he wants to ‘achieve the English Baccalaureate’ (just read the Options booklet) All other subjects are up for discussion, but he finds learning languages difficult and long ago decided to drop them as soon as he could. We agreed (disappointed as I speak several but then he takes after his father) Now I am wondering if I should have another go at trying to persaude him - I don’t understand what the implications are for further education, particularly degree level. He is bright and academic and I am worried that this will limit his choices further down the line. Will be talking to teachers tomorrow night.
Please can I have some advice on this?

creamteas Mon 03-Mar-14 17:27:02

I don’t understand what the implications are for further education, particularly degree level

The English Bacc is a performance measure for schools which has very little impact on individuals.

Very few universities ask for a language at GCSE (other then obviously language degrees).

Providing the other options include a range of academic subjects, then a language is desirable but not essential.

Leeds2 Mon 03-Mar-14 17:43:11

Some schools do however make a language a compulsory GCSE option, so that more students achieve the E Bacc.

mummytime Mon 03-Mar-14 21:15:49

The English Baccalaureate isn't a qualification (although the Labour party does seem to be suggesting one if they get into power), it is just a measure for league tables. So just ignore it.

UCL does want students to have a GCSE in language, but they will accept students but then expect them to pass a language module as part of their degree. I don't think anywhere else requires it except for Language degrees or "with Language" degrees.

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