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Project and Assignment Work ---- Canada vs UK

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diggly Mon 03-Mar-14 16:55:21

I live in Canada and want to know whether, in the UK, teachers dole out as many projects and assignments to the children as they do over here. My DD has a list of about 5 projects at the moment, ranging from choreographing a barn dance to creating a science fair project.
All these are to be done over time periods of 1 to 4 weeks, and are carried out with partners or alone. DD enjoys this style of learning (it's really all she knows) but I worry that, when we return to the UK this summer, she will have difficulty fitting into a more 'formal' learning environment, if that still exists over there. She is 13 now and attends a French school where she is enrolled on the 'late immersion' programme, which means half of her lessons, including maths, history and geography, are carried out in French. So at least she's fairly good at that, now! Any information gratefully received.

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