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Sancton wood school cambridge

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chatty123 Thu 27-Feb-14 13:39:32


I have just come across this school as a possible school for ds - i have read a bit on mumsnet but wondered if any parents could answer questions i had. ds is 5 years old and we are now considering private education but want a runthrough school without pressure of entrance exams at 11+/ ds is hardworking and not boisterous. Sancton wood sounds like a super school that really gets children to give of their best so I am pretty keen on visiting.

Can anyone tell me:
1. Is sancton wood for children with "problems" or is this a myth?
2. If ds happened to be really bright then would he be pushed forward or would the rest of the less able class hold him back?
3. How does the school change from junior to senior part?
3. do the senior school kids go for lessons offsite to the international school?
4. Is the teaching standard on a par with other private schools in Cambridge - are there some subjects that at GCSE are taught less well such as ICT?

The website pushes Sancton wood as being a really happy place but i do want a school where teaching is good too in a small setting. I will visit it this summer but just wanted an initial feedback. Alternative is one of the other prep schools but then we have the 11+ issue which is disruptive!

Look forward to hearing....

pennow Thu 13-Mar-14 16:53:19

Sancton Wood is an excellent school. It is not for children with "problems" however if it should turn out that your child does have any kind of learning difficulty or other problem, then they could not be in a better place.

My son was at SW from year 6 until last September when he moved on to Hills road 6th form college. My daughter is at the school in year 9 and we moved her from another independent school in Cambridge to SW because it was so much better.

The class sizes are small all the way through the school (max of 16) even in seniors which means that the staff know the children very well. If you child is extremely bright then they will encourage that and give extra or more intense work. If your child is having more difficulty then they will be right there supporting them in the best way possible.

My son has Dyslexia but left with 5 A* 4 A's including English 2 B's and a C.

The senior school children do not go to the International school for any lessons as this is a totally separate school and has nothing to do with Sancton Wood.They will do sporting fixtures against them in a similar way to other independent schools in the area.

All of the subjects are taught extremely well they follow the IGCSE course for some subject. The ICT course that they follow is not GCSE but the ECDL which is an internationally recognized IT qualification studied at colleges.

The transition from junior to senior is very easy as the student spend so much time together that it is just the next step for them. The school also has a buddy system where once or twice a term they spend a day in their buddy groups. So my daughter in year nine in in a buddy group with children in year 5 6 7 and 8.

All in all it is a great school where the staff are passionate about teaching and the children are very happy. The bonus is they come out with great results too.

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