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Help preparing for selective exams for girls boarding school.

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pollyannagoestotown Wed 26-Feb-14 10:38:37

DD wants to go to a selective girls boarding school. Her school doesn't prepare for common entrance and we are in a laid back area - all well and good but the reality is she will be competing against highly prepared girls from far more competitive schools.

So how do I help her practice for NVR / VR / Mathematical Reasoning (I think it could be partly computer tests). Then the english and maths and science papers to follow.

Is there a big difference between 11+ Common Entrance and Year 6 SATS? What kind of scores do they need to be getting on practice papers?

Any tips are very welcome - she is in Year 4 now - but I think it is less stressful not to leave things till the last minute and like to go for a gently gently approach.

She's happy doing stuff with me - and I haven't heard of a tutor in my area who has any experience with the schools she wants - so I can't see the point of paying for something I can do myself IYSWIM.

She would also like to try for an art or music scholarship - any ideas on levels required?

dog1dog2 Wed 26-Feb-14 10:58:35

If the school you are aiming for does 11+ CE, go on the ISEB website and you can see the syllabus. Also go on the school website and check whether they do ISEB exams or their own. If ISEB, you enter for one school at the start of yr6, but may have to register with the school before. This does not preclude you from entering other schools that do their own (non ISEB) exams. If schools do their own exams each website should give you details of what is required - if not ask admisssions to provide you with the syllabus they expect your DD to have covered or some sample papers. The school websites should also detail the requirements for art or music scholarships - again, speak to admissions to get the best info. Generally though, she will need to produce a portfolio for art and play a couple of instruments to gr4+ level and audition at the school.

Without knowing what school you are aiming for this is all a bit general, but hope it helps.

sixlive Wed 26-Feb-14 11:02:22

I do think you need a tutor, the tutor doesn't have to familiar with the school but the type of exams. Contact the schools for advice. The standards for art and music scholarships are usually very high. What grades is she in her instruments now you do need two at least one to a grade 5 or 6.

LadyMuck Wed 26-Feb-14 11:42:03

Entirely depends of which school you are aiming for ime. Girls schools in particular have a variety of entrance tests. Most children sit for more than one school, just in case.

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