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Priory Prep and Kingswood House

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timeforsomethingnew Tue 25-Feb-14 20:56:15

Looking for prep school for my DS as we are moving back to UK after many years overseas. A few months ago, many kind Mumsnetters helped me during process finding school for DD who will be going to Epsom College. Hoping I can get similar great help for school search for DS.

He will be going into Y5 in Sept. Bright, dyslexic, sporty, loves art. After lots of intervention and hard work from him he reads at grade level but still about a year behind in writing and spelling. Slow in maths as it takes effort to read questions etc and we haven't focused as much on it. So number bonds, times tables etc would not be as good as at a prep. He's never done French. Interested in lots of things - good student. Academically could do well but needs right support.

Have visited Kingswood House and Priory Prep. Liked both schools and would love some input from any current parents. At both schools liked the heads, SEN and kids I met - So I need help!

KW- Liked small classes, streaming into 2 classes and study centre. Very nurturing and they said they had experience of dealing with severe dyslexia. (DS ed psych report a bit old - he's probably moderate). Sport good with lots of involvement but don't claim to beat all comers. Sports field etc limited.

Priory - seemed they would stretch him, strong and competitive sports programme. Sports facilities seemed v good. But would be in class of 18, for next 2 years - they were unclear about support they would give but did seem to have ethos of individual support. Also in y7&8 only 9 as they lose half to grammars at 11+.

Appreciate any input or recent thoughts. TIA

timeforsomethingnew Wed 26-Feb-14 20:42:53

Bumping for the evening crowd!

camptownraces Thu 27-Feb-14 15:54:52

In your position, I'd get the Ed Psych assessment updated.

Not sure if Priory can deal with anything other than the mildest of Specific Learning Difficulties. You would need to go in armed with information about his current achievement, and then ask specific questions.

Do you realise how long it can take to get through Epsom at busy times? If you have fixed a place to live, you will know whether this is relevant.

timeforsomethingnew Thu 27-Feb-14 19:16:42

Thanks camptownraces. Agree will be good to get a new ed psych report. Unfortunately we will probably have to make a school decision before that. I got same impression that they might only support mild.

Thanks for tip re traffic.

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