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I know this has been done to death, but please talk to me about small schools

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nibbers Tue 25-Feb-14 19:39:55

We are currently relocating and our 2 eldest children are at a lovely but small primary (65 children across the 7 years split into 3 classes). I really wanted to move somewhere with a larger primary school and our preferred area has exactly that - well 2 preferred areas, both with lovely primaries each with a seven class structure. The secondary school is brilliant too.

BUT we can't find a house we like in the area and we've been looking nearly a year. We have found a house we love, it has more than we ever thought we could afford (probably afford...) but its in a different school catchment.

The primary is lovely but only has 75 children split into 3 classes. Am slightly concerned it may have a decreasing roll - the feeder preschool takes children form 2 and only has 12 children on roll. The area feeds to a different but still outstanding secondary school

Help - please give me views. Am I mad to consider such a small school again? I know there are real positives but longer term, the friendship groups and risk about long term financial viability (our youngest is 2) are a concern.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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