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Can we do stereotypes of parents at the various london private schools?

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FireWail Tue 25-Feb-14 13:14:49

I know, I know, not everyone fits the mould etc, but every school must have a particular vibe.

I'm curious to know how you would describe the typical family at various London schools - are some more corporate, some heavy on the highlights and gold bangles, some more liberal and creative?

Personally I am interested to know about South Hampstead, Channing, Highgate, City of London Girls, Haberdashers Girls, North London Collegiate, Belmont, King Alfred's, Highgate... but would be quite entertained to hear others too!

Tansie Tue 25-Feb-14 15:47:12

This won't end well.... grin

Shootingatpigeons Tue 25-Feb-14 16:38:20

Is there an emoticon for <eyebrows skywards>

Unexpected Tue 25-Feb-14 16:44:11

Why would this be of interest? confused

charleybarley Tue 25-Feb-14 16:52:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mintyy Tue 25-Feb-14 16:54:06

Isn't this something of a niche subject?

Its going to be a rare person who can compare the parents at all those schools.

I'm all agog for the replies!

Shootingatpigeons Tue 25-Feb-14 17:26:36

Mintyy Yes I think it is something more often discussed over lunch in Hampstead amongst other north london yummy mummys <indulges in the same wild and irrelevent stereotyping>

wonderingwoman64 Tue 25-Feb-14 17:31:56

As long as we can do stereotypes of parents at state schools, why not? Oh wait, that wouldn't be nice..

GoldenBeagle Tue 25-Feb-14 18:03:21

Is this a state/private thing? I doubt it, I am sure the OP is from one of those supposed cliques herself. Who else would know about the steretypes projected on to rival schools?

Come on OP, you start! Perhaps with your own school smile

NinjaCow Tue 25-Feb-14 18:13:30

Um...why just London? And, in general, just why?

diabolo Tue 25-Feb-14 18:31:43

This really won't end well. It'll descend into a state v private slagging match like always, with all the usual posters.

And who wants to stereotype people like this anyway. I'm about as opposite as it's possible to get from a "typical prep school mum". And glad about it.

BrianTheMole Tue 25-Feb-14 18:33:04

You start with yourself then firewail. What stereotype do you fit in to?

diabolo Tue 25-Feb-14 18:36:05

A typical imaginary MN type prep school mum I should add.

handcream Tue 25-Feb-14 18:36:53

Why do you want to know? Do you want to be one of them?

I have two children and very well known private boarding schools. There are all sorts of parents. Dont try and fit in or put them in stove pipes. There is a real mix from children on full busaries to ones who dont even think about the school fees.

Helpyourself Tue 25-Feb-14 18:37:40

ninja those aren't even just London schools- they're Marks and Spencer schools of an absolutely tiny demographic.
I wouldn't have joined in if it was about schools I know, oh no.

VoyageDeVerity Tue 25-Feb-14 18:38:05

What on earth are you on about?

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 25-Feb-14 18:38:28

I went to one of the above schools. Was living with my grandparents, but my grandfather died when I was 13, so my grandmother raised me as a single parent. She didn't drive due to visual impairment. We lived in a 3-bed semi. Is this the sort of thing you're looking for? grin

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 25-Feb-14 18:40:23

I'm fairly certain my grandmother would not have been happy if you'd tried to fit her into a stove pipe.

LoveIsTheDrug Tue 25-Feb-14 18:43:49

ThreeBee - you elitist monster

LoveIsTheDrug Tue 25-Feb-14 18:44:12


squeaver Tue 25-Feb-14 18:44:21

Very interesting first ever post, FireWail...

ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 25-Feb-14 18:47:26

smile at LoveIsTheDrug

tumbletumble Tue 25-Feb-14 18:53:12

I went to one of the above schools. My parents were pretty average middle class I'd say - both worked in the public sector (civil servant and health visitor). No family money. Definitely not corporate, definitely no highlights or bangles (my mum was a bit too busy working full time and we didn't have a cleaner). Not particularly liberal or creative either. Just normal really! I was on a scholarship if that makes a difference.

Mignonette Tue 25-Feb-14 18:55:02

Are you a journo? Sounds like somebody researching one of those daft Tatler articles.

DowntonTrout Tue 25-Feb-14 19:00:50

I have a child at a London private school, but not one you mentioned.

Firstly, I'm very nice, a northerner, quite down to earth. I do wear make up everyday but I don't have highlights or Botox.

Some mums are Hampstead ladies who lunch. One or two are celebs. Some are wealthy Russians or Middle Eastern expats. Some have chauffeurs picking them up, some use public transport.Most are just ordinary people who work hard to pay the fees and come in all shapes and sizes. Nobody cares. Not sure why any of that would be entertaining.

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