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Caterham School 11+ entry 2014

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Uloves Sun 23-Feb-14 00:50:58

My dd is currently at Croydon High Junior School (GDST) and has received offer to the senior school and Caterham School both with music scholarship.

What are your experiences of Caterham. She is deliberating on which offer to accept. Originally the plan was to stay at Croydon High until 13 and go further a fields to board either at Benedens or Rodean. However I am not comfortable with the change at 13+ as it's so close to GCSE and if she doesn't settle quickly then it will affect her. Hence the offer from Caterham which I feel academically is comparable to both future schools if not higher. I live in Croydon so travelling will be another consideration although I know they have school bus from surrounding areas.

I am interested to know your views from existing parents at Caterham and also parents who have moved from Croydon High to Caterham.


BigDaddyG Thu 06-Mar-14 07:27:13

Hello Uloves, Our DS was offered places at Wallington County Grammar, Caterham and Lingfield the latter two on scholarships. He is currently at a well know prep in Caterham. I think you are right with the 13+ issue, now is the time to change in my opinion. We have chosen Caterham. I think it is an absolutely fantastic school and well worth passing the free place up for at WCGS. We watched both videos available from the two schools and made up our minds very quickly. Hope this helps.

Uloves Thu 06-Mar-14 08:59:27

Thanks BigDaddyG
We have accepted the place at Caterham and well pleased we've made that choice. I'm however not looking forward to the journey!
See you in September then.

ladymuck Thu 06-Mar-14 10:58:26

I think that makes 7 Sutton grammar places turned down in favour of Caterham this year so far that I know of (and there is usually only an intake of 45-50 at year 7...).

BigDaddyG Thu 06-Mar-14 22:31:23

Ladymuck, could not help but think that if he had turned down Caterham he would be walking away from a marvellous opportunity at a great school. Really impressed by the headmaster and in my opinion, whilst the academic grades are similar to those of WCGS, Caterham will offer so much more.

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