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future2014good Sat 22-Feb-14 16:57:43


Please can anyone offer any advice, currently my son is at Wickham court School, in Reception class, he is quite sporty and clever, he has been in Wickham court from nursery, but am beginning to have concerns now he is about to get into YR1 in September as I feel he is not challenged enough academically at Wickham court and might be loosing out on sports exposure and improvements. I intend to change him school as I have to check out Elmhurst next week and maybe Cumnor house, though am impressed with Cumnor house and St Davids as his cousins are in both school, but both Cumnor and St Davids a bit of a distance from where I live, my dilemma is, If I change him to Elmhurst in YR1, Am hoping to move to Dulwich in two years time when he will be in YR3 and I would like to try and put him in Dulwich prep school, would it be too much of a changing school for him if I change him now and after two years in his new suppose school (Elmhurst) then I start trying to change him again to Dulwich, please your advice is highly appreciated, I cant change him to Dulwich now as we still in Croydon and Dulwich fees not within my reach now, so I intend to change him in a school around Croydon.

LadyMuck Sun 23-Feb-14 07:52:23

Is he happy? If so leave him until yr 3 which is when the competitive sports start. But make sure he reads.

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