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Confused about schools in Epsom/Cheam

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TallulaMay Wed 19-Feb-14 15:22:24

We're thinking of relocating to Surrey -Epsom or Cheam - some time this year, luckily we can be flexible with the timing of our move. Currently my ds is in year 5 and dd is in first year of secondary, both private schools. We are totally confused with the choice of schools in & around Epsom/Cheam. Whilst we love the idea of both going to selective schools getting dd into year 8 of Non-Such or Wallington etc is almost impossible! That leaves state schools like Rosebery which look good on paper but not sure what it's like in reality or whether we would be able to get a place in year 8 if we moved to the catchment area. Or is it better to continue with private schooling? Are schools like City of London Freemen which cost thousands of pounds in fees really that much better academically than Rosebery or Glyn school? Any thoughts, comments advice welcome please.

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