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Secondary school selection

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Divi09 Tue 18-Feb-14 03:04:12

Hi, we moved to Nailsea in 2012 Sep as I got a good job in Nailsea. My husband used to stay in London and come here during the weekend. I dint know driving and with my husband in London most of the week, commute was a challenge. So as my office was in nailsea we decided to stay in Nailsea. Spoke to my boss and he said nailsea was good to live and primary school was good. We tried Golden Valley school but there was no vacancy. So had no choose but to put her in Grove junior. This School I found was good and she is in year 5 now and has achieved a level of 4B. We feel she can do better as she is very intelligent but she is not being challenged much in this school. We are new to this country as well so we did not understand the rating process and whomever we approached were not clear. So we used the Ofsted report and KS2 results. Ousted for this school was bad and KS2 was 28.3 so based on this result and our constraint we decided on this school. Now after a year in office and making friends with locals in office, I realised there are better schools and we were a little hasty in our decision. Maybe we put more emphasis on our constraints. But again looking at our constraints I still think we have done our best. But I feel guilty for my daughter as due to our constraints she missed out on a better primary school where she could reach her potential. However, she is very happy here and has made some good friends. She is a person who will adjust in any circumstance and is very intelligent. So I feel I should keep raising her bar and mine as well to help her reach her potential and there is no limit.

So now when she is moving to secondary school I don't want to do the same mistake. Want her to attend the best secondary school. I found out Gordano is best but as we live in Nailsea will they consider her admission. Same goes to Backwell as well. Should we move to Portishead for her better future. If we move in august this year in time with secondary school admissions, we will have to commute everyday to Nailsea for her school for 1 year. Or move her to another primary school for just a year. But she might again take time to adjust to new school and with KS2 exams is it worth it? Please advise I am so confused.

tiggytape Tue 18-Feb-14 14:36:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Divi09 Wed 05-Mar-14 07:32:51

Thank you tiggytape, we are visiting the schools and trying to select the best suitable one for my daughter.

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