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whitgift Trinity bursaries

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KPP1 Mon 17-Feb-14 23:09:47

DS has scholarship offers from W and T and on the reserve list for bursary at one school. Does anyone know whether the bursary places later released (because of non take up) has to equate to the same year group. i.e. a 10 plus decline must go to a 10 plus boy on the reserve list or is it put back into one pot. How long is this reserve list operational? Do W and T share information?

ROZ12 Tue 18-Feb-14 22:15:37


How do you know you are on the reserve list for a bursary I knew their was such a thing? My daughter got a offer from Old Palace and we received no bursary . I would love to be on a reserve list? I was wondering what happens to the bursary offers that are rejected?

Please let me know


KPP1 Tue 18-Feb-14 23:08:49

This was mentioned in the offer letter. The rejected bursary offers are put back in the pool to be redistributed. Depending on how many bursary offers are returned, those who didn't get an award but were financially eligible to receive one may then be offered; but again the schools will probably go down their list to see how well those children did in the exams, giving in order of how well they scored.

LadyMuck Wed 19-Feb-14 16:30:05

To the best of my knowledge KPP1, the bursary pot is for the school HM to spend as they wish, and not earmarked for specific yeargroups. This year is the first year of the new Sutton 2 step selection process at 11, and I think there are many people waiting to see whether it throws up any surprises in the process. I have no idea how that has affected the schools' offer process - they could either have been more cautious in the initial offers with the intention of offering more later, or have made large offers to a few candidates where they felt that would have the most sway.

Frustrating for you, but you will probably need to wait until after 3 March to see what movement there is on the pot, but if he has a scholarship as well then you must be close to the top I would have thought.

If you are on the reserve list with one school, but you do indeed prefer the other, there is no harm is letting the other school when they phone (I guess they will be chasing up 10+ and 13+ next week to try and get as much certainty as possible before the state school offers on 3 March). Good luck!

ROZ12 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:21:53

Hello KPP1

If you don't mind me asking did you Whitgift letter day this or Trinity?

My letter says I wasn't eligible as in my daughter didn't score high enough I presume.

Please advise.


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