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Please help me find a Montessori school in Yorkshire

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Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 01:43:29

I have been googling for a few hours and can only find those that have the word "montessori" as part of the school name (and those are more than 15 miles away of were we live or would like to move).

Do you know of any good Montessori style school that goes up to 11 yrs old, in Yorkshire?

Please tell me if you do, I would be forever grateful.

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 01:45:02

theres a good website i think for looking up montessoris... SCSS or something... its like Ofsted, but for private schools.

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 01:45:36

Montessoris are pre-schools though, arent they? I went until about 3 or 4...

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 01:48:06

ISI, not SCSS... no idea where that came from.

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 01:51:17

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 02:03:08

Thanks, I have been looking at the site, but I have no way or finding out, by the name, if they have the system or not.

Have been to Montessori International site, and some official training sites but so far no luck.

I attended a Montessori from 3-12 yrs old, my mother used to train Montessori teachers, and I would love to send DS to one, don't want to break the family tradition

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 02:04:38

Truth is I'm desperate to find one, I have already convinced DH that it would be a great idea to move as long as the place is a bigger city than the one we live in, and it is in commutable distance to his work.

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 02:05:03

oh, i thought they were pre-schools

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 02:05:32

whats "the system"?

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 02:21:54


humpydumpy Mon 07-Aug-06 02:46:26

I'm sure a friend of mine did work experience years ago at a school in or near Bolton Abbey near Skipton.

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 02:49:56

I have checked that one, their website have some wonderful photos. Problem is... it's very far.

The ones I have found for the age range I'm looking for are the Pocklington Montessori School and the Skipton one. Pockilington is nearer but somewhere nearer to Leeds would be ideal.

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 02:50:38

...but would love to hear what your friend thought of the experience.

humpydumpy Mon 07-Aug-06 02:54:45

Maybe contact one of the one's you have looked at and see if they know of one closer to the area you want. From what I remember my friend loved working there I don't think she wanted to leave.

Alipiggie Mon 07-Aug-06 05:23:55

Chandra I am a firm believer in the Montessori method and have been for years, my boys are now in a Montessori pre-school in boulder and I'm hoping they can continue with this education . The Montessori association in the UK, appears not to have any affiliated schools in your area but you could always contact them to see if they know of any here it is

Alipiggie Mon 07-Aug-06 05:27:14

found one Pocklington Also Wharfedale Montessori School
Bolton Abbey, Skipton, BD23 6AN But no website. Hope this helps and good luck with your search.

geekgrrl Mon 07-Aug-06 06:58:27

there's also this one in Keighley.

We had a look 'round once but it was too far for us.

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 09:51:24

Thanks for the links, I will try to contact them this morning although dount they will be open.

If you think of another, please let me know

onlinemum Mon 07-Aug-06 10:22:45

There's one just near Brighouse, my kids are there.



onlinemum Mon 07-Aug-06 10:23:24

oh, and ps, definitely open today, running holiday club. If you ring them, tell Ailsa I sent you

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 10:30:14

Thanks for the info, Should I say I just got a recommendation from Onlinemum and they will now who am I talking about??? [I'm already starting to like the school ]

Quootiepie Mon 07-Aug-06 10:32:47

morning Chandra - any luck?

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 10:35:08

Still at it, wonder if any of these schools have a school bus. They seem too far from Leeds

Yeah, I know, probably not far enough but I wonder how I would manage to work and take him to/from school if the school is so many miles away...

Chandra Mon 07-Aug-06 11:29:20

bumpidy bump

onlinemum Mon 07-Aug-06 11:44:40

I'd use the name Jax, they're more likely to recognise that ;)

No school bus, but breakfast and tea clubs to support working days. Makes for a horridly long day for my two, but they are only there three days a week, so it isn't too bad.

Getting in and out of Leeds is horrendous at the best of times, but particularly bad around the rush hour, don't know what to suggest about that.


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