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Hampton waiting list

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Dinocroc Sun 16-Feb-14 10:56:10

Dear all, does anyone have any experience of how likely it is to be offered a place if on this?. All is good and this is a first world problem as we have offers from other schools including KGS but of course DS had now decided this was his favourite school and actually he doesn't want coed any more. They say the list is 'fluid', whatever that means. Hoping it doesn't mean that at a failing state primary there is no hope as the prep school heads are calling in but suspect it might do. Any advice as to whether we should abandon all hope would be much appreciated x

Dinocroc Fri 21-Feb-14 07:53:29

No one? Right, we're abandoning hope grin

gingerbeard Fri 21-Feb-14 08:43:18

Don't abandon hope. Do you know where your son is on the waiting list? Have you called Hampton? If not, get on the phone today and tell them how important it is to you and your son. If you are prepared to accept a late late place, even if that means giving up a term's fees elsewhere then tell them that too! At the same time, manage your son's expectations. Almost everyone is happy at the school they end up going to, even if it was not their first choice, all/most of the angst is forgotten by Christmas and you find yourself saying things like "it worked out for the best, really". Good luck and get on that phone. The Hampton staff are lovely.

Dinocroc Fri 21-Feb-14 09:26:15

Thank you! My other half called when the letters came out, but they wouldn't give any info about where he was on the list or how many were on it. We know noone who has gone there, let alone if anyone ever gets a place off this list. Tbh my son isn't that bothered about the whole process, it just feels tempting to be given a 'maybe' and is fuelling my competitive nature....wink We're thinking of a well constructed e mail after half term and then handing over thousands to KGS. Seems crazy that there is angst given that fact right?

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