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Another can you level this question.

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Journeytolight Sun 16-Feb-14 08:27:21

DD decided to write this:

Anxiously waiting for my name to be called was the worst five minutes of my life, which was considerably longer than it felt. My heart sunk to the bottom when eventually, I had to go up, with my palms sweating heavily. As I took the microphone from the stand, not just my hands were shaking, but my whole body, like I was electrocuted. No words could come out of my dry mouth. Feeling sick, I took one last breath and that gave me the courage to sing. A note, and then another, it worked. The crowd was on their feet, moving to the rhythmic beat. A mountain of roaring music was building up inside of me, waiting to emerge. That was when it all stopped, my whole word. Dizziness was overcoming me and before I new it, I had blacked-out. What a way to end a song.

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