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St. Albans High School for Girls - opinions please?

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Verymuddymummy Sun 16-Feb-14 08:27:14

Looking for opinions/experiences of SAHS pls. We may accept 4+ and 11+ places for our DDs.

We know it is an academic school but wanted to know what the pastoral care is like as well as the approachability of staff. Hard to get a true sense of that on open days.

Also there will be a new Headmistress in September - just wondered if any of the current parents of SAHS girls have met her and what they think of her? We thought Mrs Martin was lovely but have not Mrs Brown who is ex-SPGS.

Thank you.

ephpa95 Thu 08-May-14 11:45:58

Hi, this may come late for you, but Mrs Brown is absolutely fantastic! She's taught my daughter at Sixth Form at SPGS and is a formidable educator. She is very intelligent, passionate about her subject (English) AND fantastic at teaching. As Head of Senior School at SPGS she is very competent, hands on and truly interested in the girls. And she is not stiff or intimidatingly glamorous, but lively and temperamental. Lucky St Albans to get her!

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