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Moving schools - when to discuss

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vinyard68 Fri 31-Jan-14 12:42:33

Hi, we moved house last summer and have a bit of a nightmare school run now (45 minutes plus). So we have decided to move our DD (6) to a nice school much closer to home for Yr 2 this autumn. We have to give one term's notice to her current school but DH thinks we should let them know earlier. I worry that the school will just stop caring quite so much if they know way in advance that she will be leaving after the summer. Also, when is the best time to bring this up with DD/take her to an open morning etc? I don't want this to be the only topic of conversation for the next 7 months, but she is not great at change so will need plenty of advance preparation. We did try to involve her gently in the decision making process ("would it not be nice if we could walk to school"...), but she was not keen (which six year old would be?). Any advice gratefully received.

MillyMollyMama Fri 31-Jan-14 17:42:50

I would give the term's notice as required. Why give more when there is absolutely no need? It is also perfectly OK to go to a school nearer to home because you have moved. This is quite normal. In the meantime you must take her to look at the school. My DD1 flatly refused to leave her friends at the local school and go to a prep school. She did move to a boarding school at 11 though and really wanted to do that.

When DD2 started at the prep school in year 3, she was happy to go. I think a lot will depend on if your DD is willing to give up her friends. Does she see herself as part of the school scene, doing extra clubs, sport, music, going to lots of parties, or is she less involved? If there is no overwhelming reason for her to stay at her current school, she may be persuaded that a change could be a good thing. I would sell it on more free time, what the nearer school can offer but the existing one cannot, not having to get up so early, and less time in the car. Offer something she can have/do to compensate. You are the parents though and you have to call the shots sometimes!

vinyard68 Sat 01-Feb-14 10:17:06

Many thanks for your message. They don't really do clubs or other extra curricular stuff until year 2 in her current school. Also, they move to a different building for Yr2, which is why it seemed like a good time to move her... I take your point about showing her around new school earlier rather than later but then I'll have to give the game away to current school - we'll need to apply for leave!

LoveMyKidsLoads Mon 03-Feb-14 18:19:21

Tell the old school as early as possible. They aren't going to treat her any differently.

Kids take change differently. Ours were fine moving school as they could see the positives in the move. i thought they'd take it badly and need loads of time, but as soon as we told them, they couldn't wait to move. Turns out they were getting really bored at the old school as they weren't being sufficiently challenged in lessons and now, 3 weeks in, they love their new school and have made loads of friends.

drthomas Tue 04-Feb-14 11:17:29

I wouldn't give the school anything other than the minimum notice, kids can stop asking for play dates, teachers can stop going the extra mile. You don't know but it won't do any harm to keep it a secret.

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