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St Christopher's school Canterbury

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OhHullitsOnlyMeYoni Wed 29-Jan-14 10:42:45

Does anyone have any experience of this school please?
Looking at local options for DD and this is closest to our house...

Any opinions welcome, OFSTED report is 2010 so a little out of date! Will be viewing in a month or so, so any questions that may be relevant would be good to have a heads up for too.

moultie Mon 02-Mar-15 20:14:31

Take a look at the 2015 ofsted! School rated 4 inadequate in many areas.

saHnn1983 Tue 10-Mar-15 18:26:56

My daughter goes to this school. The Ofsted is utter tripe - all the issues raised have now been resolved. It was a case of hoop jumping. The Ofsted inspector was highly unprofessional. I am a deputy head of a primary school and so am speaking from much experience.
St Christopher's is not flashy. It nutures yhr most delightlful, well rounded children I have ever come across. I just can't speak highly enough of the school. My daughter has EXCELLED since she started here - bear in mind that they usually get 90-100% children into the top rated grammar schools in the area. It is a wonderful. Contact me if you want any more info!!

perrycourt Wed 11-Mar-15 18:42:02

We got the impression it was all geared to getting children into the Grammar schools without having to pay for tutors not much else. As that wasn't our aim it didn't suit our dc's -

Hakluyt Thu 12-Mar-15 09:10:00

11+ factory.

Hakluyt Thu 12-Mar-15 09:15:35

And what do you mean "top rated grammar schools"? Until very recently, none of the grammar schools in the area were super selective- a pass at 11+ would get you a place. And if a selective primary school geared to passing that test did not get most of its pupils through there would be something badly wrong.

TonyTax Fri 29-Jan-16 13:50:14

St Christopher's is not a selective primary school - there is no selection process at all and the school takes pupils of all abilities. It is a fantastic school that develops children across all aspects of life and learning. My two children are very happy here and are making great progress both academically and creatively. The school is small and has a family feel about it.

The school follows a traditional approach to learning. Maths, English & reading form a big part of school life. In the mornings the children study maths, English and read to an adult - this happens every day of the week. The afternoons are spent on a wide range of other subjects. The children also read to someone at home every night. A piece of maths or English homework is also given every night based on that day's learning. But that's it, there is no magic wand; but this approach means that by the time the children leave St Christopher's they are well prepared for their next school.

The current Oftsed reports gives a completely inaccurate & false impression of the school. Sadly, all the things that ought to matter like teacher happiness, pupil happiness, levels of creativity, great teaching and great progress are either not measured or count for very little....

Cygnet1949 Wed 09-Mar-16 12:26:39

I took my son out of an ‘outstanding’ primary school in January of year 5 and enrolled him at St Christophers. (His year 4 sister insisted on moving as well). It was the best thing we could have done, for him although perhaps less so for his sister. Quite aside from the bullying at the ‘outstanding’ school, the work and lacklustre teaching were not challenging him. We were concerned that he would not pass the Kent Test although we knew that he was capable.

At St Christophers his mood changed and his work improved immeasurably. He loved the school and the staff and looked forward to going to school each day (whereas previously we had tears every Sunday evening). St Christophers has extraordinary high standards in reading and mathematics, and because they don’t have to do SATS they are able to offer a very wide curriculum – far wider that was available in their previous primary school. All of the children well behaved and polite and there is absolutely zero bullying.

Our son passed the Kent Test at the super selective rate demanded by the boys’ Langton at the time and his sister passed at a very high rate and is in the Girls Langton. St Christopher’s is non-selective at entry, so they have pupils of all abilities and from a wide range of ethnic and social backgrounds but every year, St Christophers manages to produce Kent Test pass rates of well over 90% against an average for all schools of around 25%. They turn out happy, well rounded, confident pupils and imbue them with a love of learning that sets them up for their ongoing educational career. I cannot speak highly enough of the school.

David Evans, the head teacher is kindly, loved by the children, and passionate about doing the best for the children. He doesn’t do well on ofsted, but this is a great school and has given our children everything we would want for them.

SurvivalGuide Wed 09-Mar-16 14:59:16

Sadly St Christopher's is just too far from our home to consider but do any of you have any views on St Faiths at Ash? A similar sort of school?

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