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Lanesborough prep school and RGS

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ddas Mon 27-Jan-14 16:15:31

Our ds has just been accepted into lanesborough for nursery next yr and we're in two minds about whether to accept. We mainly did the assessment so at least we would have the choice of going private or state for primary.
Like probably many guildford parents for secondary we'd love for him to end up at RGS. We know that lanesborough is no longer the 'feeder prep' for RGS although it seems that a lot do come from there. Our main reasons for going private would be smaller class sizes so more one to one attention which we feel ds may need as although seems to be bright (difficult to tell at 2 really!!!) he's an August born boy. And for the same reason we worry about him getting lost in a class of 30.
However we've heard a few people say that going to lanesborough would actually put him at disadvantage for getting in to RGS at 11 as they are trying to take more state school pupils and lanesborough is also weak at maths.
Just wondering what people who have ready been through the system think of this?
We don't want to send him to prep thinking it's the best thing of him only to put him at a disadvantage later on. We can afford prep but would mean going without some luxuries ie. a bigger house, better car, holidays etc but are happy to do it for his education.

DalmationDots Mon 27-Jan-14 16:30:32

RGS is very much whoever is the best applicant gets the place, they will consider whether the boy is from a prep or state in relation to the preparation they are likely to have but I'm fairly sure, from my experiences and those I know, it is not a case that state will lead to more chance of a place.
As well, far more go from Lanesbrough than from individual states where usually just the two or three top boys go. I think the likelihood of Lanesborough preparing him and getting him to RGS level is far greater.
While it is not the 'feeder' prep it is most probably the prep where you have the greatest chance of going onto RGS and, if not, it is truly because it isn't right for your DS.
My DS went to Lanesbrough then RGS (he is now 23 so a while ago!!) and loved both of them. I know parents with DS' there and all love it and regard the head very highly. Heard no issues with maths personally but I don't know everything!
Consider as well Lanesbrough Vs the state alternatives looking alone at them as schools in their own right, rather than what they lead to. There is a big difference between Lanesbrough and say Holy Trinity Pewley Down or Boxgrove and so consider which suits your DS best NOW.

ddas Mon 27-Jan-14 16:40:17

Thanks that's great. Should have said if we don't go for lanesborough, the state primary would be st Thomas of Canterbury catholic school in Merrow as the ones in our catchment are not very good so we'd go for catholic.

ddas Mon 27-Jan-14 20:01:09


Auroborea Mon 27-Jan-14 23:20:39

Go for it. Lanesborough is not 'the RGS feeder' only in a sense that going to Lanesborough doesn't guarantee you'd end up at RGS. They still send more boys to RGS than any other single school, state or private - the fact that they don't advertise as well as they could for some reason. Just looking at this year's magazine, and 14 out of 22 last year's year 6 leavers went to RGS (two on scholarship), and so did 9 out of 28 year 8 leavers, including two on scholarships (I understand that RGS has a bigger intake at 11). And it's not just the destination that matters but also what goes on in the meantime - it's a truly wonderful school and my summer born year 1 boy is thriving there. Teaching in all subjects is strong in itself and as compared to what I know of other schools. Hope this helps and good luck with your decision!

mummytime Tue 28-Jan-14 10:13:59

Okay from an outsider (who knows the schools quite well though). Lanesborough isn't that hard to get into at 4. It also doesn't tend to push those who don't fit out (unlike a certain girls school). Therefore at 11 it has a reasonably mixed ability cohort. Some are good enough for RGS, but those who aren't RGS material at 11 or 13, are given good advice on which alternative school fits them best.
For example I have known boys fail to get into RGS but get into St John's on a scholarship.

There are a lot of bright students in Guildford, at all the schools (including State).

I would choose a school based on fit for the child more than on which secondary they feed into.

sixlive Tue 28-Jan-14 12:52:15

Lanesborough is a wonderful school I would snap up the opportunity. Unlike certain girls schools the boys learn a lot but also have a great deal of fun all in an unpressurised environment in pre prep. It's worth the sacrifice IME. I know people that didn't get into St Thomas's and they are catholic do you live near it otherwise no guarantee you will get a place,

ddas Tue 28-Jan-14 13:24:27

No we don't live in merrow but from what I could see from 2012 entry they filled all the 1st priority catholic spaces and then still had space to take other baptised Christian but not catholic children so did think that as baptised Catholics we'd stand a good chance of getting a place. However do appreciate that this may change yr on yr.

At the moment think a school that can give him a smaller class size would suit him best just don't want him to be at a disadvantage later on plus it's a big financial commitment!

As always with these things there's never going to be a perfect choice as lots of pros and cons for both we just need to make our minds up and then hope for the best and try and do lots at home too.

Interesting to read about the girls schools as dd will be 2 school years behind her brother. Although still so little that we've not quite got round to thinking about schools yet! But suppose if ds goes to private primary we'll feel that we'd have to do the same for her.

Auroborea Tue 28-Jan-14 15:36:43

Sorry to hijack, but which girl's school are you talking about, mummytime and sixlive? Dd is starting at Guildford High in September - should I be forewarned (and forearmed)?

sixlive Tue 28-Jan-14 16:51:53

GHS is a great school for the right type of girl. That range of rightness is wider at Lanesborough that's all.

Auroborea Wed 29-Jan-14 00:25:57

Ah ok, I see what you mean, sixlive. For what it's worth, the competition per 4+ place at Lanesborough the year DS went through the assessment (September 2012 entry) was slightly higher than the same for Guildford High this year for Dd. I don't know how competitive the nursery entrance is, but I do know that not everyone goes from nursery into Shell, and also not everyone goes from year 2 to year 3. The dropouts are only 1-2 per year group though and seem comparable to Guildford High.

ddas Wed 29-Jan-14 09:23:25

Thanks for all the info- really useful. If we send him we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that he gets through to the other years as imagine it being quite stressful trying to find another school as assume most places have been taken by the time you find out. Although if not the right place for him better to know.
Interestingly did a bit more research and haven't realised that st Thomas's in Merrow was outstanding but in the latest ofstead report in July it went down to good which makes our decision a bit easier although we are still going to see it next week just to make sure we're 100% in our thoughts.

DalmationDots Wed 29-Jan-14 14:01:41

ddas- be warned the OFsted thing probably means nothing, the system has changed and so it is much tougher to be 'outstanding' and much more of a tick boxing exercise and doing things how Gove wants them done. It basically neglects to recognise all schools are different and do things in different ways/approaches to cater for the catchment.
The drop probably means there is no change whatsoever in all likelihoods, small chance standards have gone down but unlikely. HTPD in Guildford went from outstanding to needs improvement under the new ofsted reporting, if you have ever been/heard of HTPD you would be surprised, it isn't perfect, but it is innovative and a very exciting school with high standards and every year a few go on to RGS/GHS.

Tabya876 Sun 08-Jun-14 09:41:03

Hi. I just wanted to make a couple of points:

Is it not likely that in addition to Lanesborough developing the potential of young boys in its charge extremely well, more boys apply to and go on attend the RGS because there are relatively more applications from Lanesborough boys than boys from other schools. I say this because:

Lanesborough is fee paying as is the RGS
Lanesborough is the only boys prep school in Guildford and it's near to the RGS
Lanesborough probably has a higher proportion of parents that can readily afford the fees compared to the local state schools
Lanesborough has many boys that entered the school with the express purpose of going on to RGS

Mrs Turnbull is a very impressive lady that is totally committed to getting the best out of happy boys. My son will sit his entry assessment for Shell, Lanesborough this coming December.

Guildford High School
My daughter attends GHS and my wife and I feel it is an excellent school; our daughter loves going to school each day and comes back happy each afternoon. Without seeking to court controversy, I suspect that with any school, the parents that are most happy with it are those whose children are happy/ thriving there. The parents that have or express concerns are invariably those that feel that their child is struggling or might struggle within the school for whatever reason.

If my daughter was unhappy each day or being bullied I'd be concerned as would any other parent.

meenarun Mon 24-Nov-14 22:19:46

Hi. Please can you throw some light on the assessment procedure in Lanesborough. Thank you

Auroborea Tue 25-Nov-14 21:13:28

Hi meenarun, nursery, Shell or Year 3?

meenarun Fri 02-Jan-15 23:33:57

Hi Auroborea

Happy New year. For shell and nursery please. My son is only 18 months. But he'll be assessed next January.

Thank you

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