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mrsforgetful Sat 06-Mar-04 00:34:32

DS1 has Asperger's (Autism)

'Gifted' at computers so school encourage this. Great

However i was EXTREMELY dissapointed that i discovered today via a friend that the school had invited other local schools to send a pupil to an "ICT day" and that my son along with 2 others of similar ability were chosen to help 'Supervise'.

My point being that we get a newsletter every wednesday that rambles on about 'after school clubs' 'labeling PE kits' and other 'important' things.....yet to me, this day was something i could have talked to my son about- as with Aspergers he rarely 'chats' to me....more like TELLS me !!!!!!

I hope i make sense..... it's not that i wanted to 'join in' but if i'd known i would have 'loved' to have got to school 5 mins early ....just to 'spy' on my son 'being in charge!'

He has extremely low self esteem and i like to 'seize' every oppertunity to raise his 'self respect ' etc.

Freckle Sat 06-Mar-04 08:16:17

Do you have a contact book? My boys all have a contact book which goes with them to and from school. If a teacher wishes to tell me something which wouldn't appear in a newsletter, she writes it in there. And I do the same if I want to tell the teacher something. Perhaps a note in there, or a separate one, along the lines of how you would have appreciated formal notification of your son's role so that you could talk to him about it might prompt such communications in future.

mrsforgetful Sat 06-Mar-04 23:38:40

freckle- that's good advice....there is a 'link' book- but anyone helping at the school can read it- what i might do (as he is autistic and VERY disorganised) is get a diary and if there's something that the teacher should now- i can add it- and if its something like this computer day at school it can be added to the relavent day for me- ds1 just does not remember anything- and even if he does he cannot 'mix' home and school! Then what i'll probably do is simply hand it to the teacher each morning- and collect it myself each afternoon- it needn't be written in every day- but as my son is in the junior end of the school and i have to collect my 2 infants at the other end i have rarely been seeing his teacher- so this 'could' make him and I start to communicate!

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