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Caterham School - scholarship/sibling info

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icklemonst Mon 27-Jan-14 13:24:32

i wondered if anyone might have some insider info on the academic scholarship at Caterham in terms of approximately how many per year/percentage of fees?

We asked the HM but were told it's a large pot of money that's divided up between all the scholarships so it varies year on year. Would be interesting to know how it has split up over the past few years if anyone knows....Is it purely on exam performance or are interview/headteacher's report taken into account too (the info on school website varies with regard to this)?

Also Caterham don't have an official sibling policy it seems, we have applied for ds1 this year - and there's a few following potentially, generally are siblings getting in?

Thanks for any thoughts and good luck to everyone waiting on exam results/offers day - ROLL ON!!!!

LIZS Mon 27-Jan-14 16:21:56

As I understand it the academic awards are purely allocated on performance on the day in the tests. They vary in % but max I've heard for a single one is 30 , increasing if sports, music, all round, art etc are on top. They are not reallocated should someone turn down a place, the money just goes back in the pot for next time round. There may be more tolerance for siblings but not officially, put it this way I've yet to hear of a sibling who didn't get a place but that may be more true from the prep school.

icklemonst Mon 27-Jan-14 22:50:44

Thanks for info LIZS that was my impression re. Sibs

BigDaddyG Thu 06-Mar-14 07:31:45

Hi, the official policy on the website offers 10% for the third child. Also, so far as we know, the scholarships are based on reports, academic performance on the day and the interview albeit I am sure it is heavily weighted towards the exam. I have another DS coming through and I was told that the school likes to keep brothers and sisters together if possible.

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