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8+ entrance test tutor

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Maydaybeforepayday Sat 25-Jan-14 10:07:11

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have an up to date contact number for Hippocrene tutors. I would also be thankful if anyone could recommend a good English and Math tutor for the 8+ private school entrance exam. We live in Richmond. I know that this has probably been asked to oblivion...but all the tutor contacts in the older threads seem to be outdated. Any help would be much appreciated.

11plusneedy Sat 25-Jan-14 20:06:54

We used SchoolSmart based in Barnes for 11+ but I know they deal with 7+ up to A-level.

Good luck!

EdithWeston Sat 25-Jan-14 20:15:50

Richmond Yorkshire or Richmond greater London?

Maydaybeforepayday Sat 25-Jan-14 23:31:45

11plusneedy ...... thanks, could you pm me SchoolSmarts contact details....and anyone in particular in SchoolSmart that you could recommend.

EdithWeston... Richmond, London.

Shreyasarin Mon 09-Jan-17 11:51:33

I would love to know if you used school smart & how did you find them?

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