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Today my chidren went ot school as.........

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Beetroot Fri 05-Mar-04 09:15:47

Message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 09:21:55

message withdrawn

carla Fri 05-Mar-04 09:35:21


Beetroot Fri 05-Mar-04 10:07:51

Message withdrawn

roisin Fri 05-Mar-04 10:21:25

Dumbledore and a shark

Twinkie Fri 05-Mar-04 10:26:53

A right pikey - DP at home with her so will probably fail to see that she has to have matching clothes and brushed hair and teeth!!!

(Whats a vicotrian child??)

WideWebWitch Fri 05-Mar-04 10:27:29

a jedi

ks Fri 05-Mar-04 10:46:59

Message withdrawn

marthamoo Fri 05-Mar-04 11:00:53

Oh, history day - thankfully we're not doing that one!

Yesterday, World Book Day, ds1 had to wear a hat decorated like a favourite character from a childrens' book. We (for we, read I!) made a fantastic Cat in the Hat hat. Lots of the children went with ready made hats - saw a few Woodys, Bob the Builders, etc. Those well known characters from childrens' literature

SecondhandRose Fri 05-Mar-04 11:07:23

It was world book day yesterday and they were supposed to dress as their favourite characters.

Mine went as Captain Underpants (Y fronts over his school trousers and a cape!)

And the other one was the witch from Snow White complete with green face paint.

lydialemon Fri 05-Mar-04 11:10:00

The characters in my kids favorite books all wear normal clothes, so DS1 went as Action Man and DS2 went as St George (complete with Dragon, well green fluffy dinosaur )

emsiewill Fri 05-Mar-04 16:25:05

My two went to school yesterday as the Worst Witch (school pinafore, tights with stars on, cloak and hat) and Blodwyn Gonzalez Jones (a character from a Welsh book called "Viva Cymro", who basically dresses like a cowgirl). This was for World Book Day.

Slinky Fri 05-Mar-04 16:39:14


My children had to decorate a hat of a favourite book/author!

DD1 (8) decorated her hat in "Dr Suess". She added a large "Grinch", "Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham".

DS1 (6) decorated his hat in "The Gruffalo". When he showed his teacher, she asked what his book was, so he told her. She hadn't heard of "The Gruffalo" (???) so he took the book in this morning and she read it to the class!

Can't believe a Primary school teacher hasn't heard of "The Gruffalo" but I'll make allowances - she is very young (22!)

LIZS Fri 05-Mar-04 16:40:24

Does getting ds togged up in full ski gear complete with helmet for Sledding Day count ?

hmb Fri 05-Mar-04 17:24:33

Hermiony Granger and PC Plum from Balamory

crystaltips Fri 05-Mar-04 17:25:23

Legolass and Gandalph

Easy Fri 05-Mar-04 17:28:30

Mine hasn't started school yet. Am I going to have to invent clever cosumes every term (or month, or week) ? OMG.

Quick, anyone want to adopt a large 4 1/2 year old boy

Tortington Fri 05-Mar-04 20:06:03

the bride of dracula and a terrorist..<mutter mutter bloody schools mutter mutter> all done by 8 am so i could get off to work and whilst dh had a lye n am a damn saint <mutter mutter damn schools mutter mutter>

Beetroot Fri 05-Mar-04 20:21:52

Message withdrawn

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