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anyone waiting to hear from Latymer Upper?

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fruitcorner Mon 20-Jan-14 09:34:27

Anyone else still waiting to hear back from LU following exam last week? Interviews are on 1 Feb and I am not sure whether the school has been contacting people yet to call to interview

dude Tue 21-Jan-14 18:14:04

We're still waiting. It says they send the letters 'late Jan' - but that's not making me feel any better. DS said the english was fine but the maths was very tricky.

Crowler Tue 21-Jan-14 19:07:54

Marks place. Waiting!

Marni23 Tue 21-Jan-14 20:04:16

Just looked back at text messages with friends last year. We all received interview invites for our DC on 29th Jan so guess they were posted 28th. As far as I know they are all sent in one batch. Hang in there and good luck!

Crowler Tue 21-Jan-14 20:36:08

Blimey, that's late - do you mean you were told of the interview just a day or two before the interview? Or were your interviews later in Feb?
thanks Marni.
How does your son/daughter like Latymer by the way?

Marni23 Tue 21-Jan-14 21:35:56

Nope interviews were 1st Feb so just a few days before. Everyone was told to keep that date free though as I remember.

DS absolutely loves it thanks. He has settled really well and is very happy, as are we. I think it's a great school.

CountessDracula Wed 22-Jan-14 13:41:28

Waiting here too...

hardboiled Wed 22-Jan-14 15:14:56

I heard 1070 sat the exam...?

Crowler Sat 25-Jan-14 07:17:12

Bump. Did anyone hear?

petangyang Sat 25-Jan-14 10:54:39

no news here

CountessDracula Mon 27-Jan-14 13:09:35

1070 shock
STILL no news though am at work and post not come before I left...

Crowler Mon 27-Jan-14 13:12:49

I called the school - very nice lady said they were in the post as of noon today.

CountessDracula Mon 27-Jan-14 13:34:33

Oh well done that's good to know

iwanttohideunderarock Tue 28-Jan-14 09:47:45

i feel sick.... really hope not to go home to an empty doormat.

Dude, my ds said the same, in fact last night said he didn't think he would get an interview because the maths was so hard.

CountessDracula Tue 28-Jan-14 10:12:46

I think you get a letter either way
don't feel sick - if not Latymer then somewhere else!
I am a firm believer in the right school finding the right child...

CountessDracula Tue 28-Jan-14 10:14:12

Also when dd did the 10+ at KGS she came out with a face like thunder and said NFW as the maths was so hard...and she got in!

iwanttohideunderarock Tue 28-Jan-14 10:39:36

thanks Countess, he didn't get an interview at KCS so I am sort of prepared for a no, but oh you know, it's just hard to see the disappointment on my ds' face, first big hurdles and first big experience of not achieving what he set out to do.

But as you say, something else will work out, and I am sure these schools are expert at choosing who is right for their school.

Good Luck to you, and to everyone !

CountessDracula Tue 28-Jan-14 10:51:01

These are highly oversubscribed schools though and the odds are not good! Which others have you applied to?

iwanttohideunderarock Tue 28-Jan-14 10:58:29

Ibstock & Emanuel. Pros and cons for both, I prefer one, my ds prefers the other..... but obviously have to wait and see what happens as we might not have that choice either !!

CountessDracula Tue 28-Jan-14 11:14:04

I'm sure you will - it's a numbers game innit?

Just had the letter - dd didn't get Latymer so it's KGS for her - quite relieved really as we thought it was the best school for her!

Good luck to everyone else

petangyang Tue 28-Jan-14 15:56:36

we got a no thanks, onwards and upwards x

fruitcorner Tue 28-Jan-14 16:50:43

A no for my DS too , so now waiting for March to find out which local state school we have got.

CountessDracula Wed 29-Jan-14 09:52:45

did you hear yet iwanttohideunderarock?

CountessDracula Wed 29-Jan-14 09:53:11

Sorry to the others - it seems so popular now, the odds are terrible

iwanttohideunderarock Wed 29-Jan-14 11:32:55

nope, didn't get an interview.

8 children at my son's school applied. he was the only one who didn't get an interview. a very big blow to him, and with nothing tangible yet to latch on to he's finding it terribly hard.

i fear that applying for a bursary has done us a disservice, it would seem a strange co-incidence that 1 out 8 equally bright/top of their class doesn't get an interview and that 1 applied for a bursary.

so as petangyang say, onwards & upwards, but I am feeling really properly fed up with this system and feel like fleeing to the furthest corner of the planet.

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