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Highgate school senior 11+

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kwamemya1 Thu 16-Jan-14 19:36:16

We are considering Highgate School in London for our daughter who will start senior school in year 7. Great news she has been selected for an interview. she has set her heart on Highgate and she is so delighted to ave the opportunity attend.
Regarding the admission process We wanted to know roughly many applicants apply each year ?

Does anyone have any tips on the interview she will be attending for 30 mins,
in addition to this the children will take part in taster lessons in Art, Design & Technology or ICT and finally a taster lesson in Lunch

Your help at such a stressful time will be greatly appreciated.

Daisycat0208 Sun 23-Mar-14 12:35:22

A bit late but hopefully will help someone next year.

I was told and not sure how accurate this is that they get around 500 applicants. Approximate half are called back for interview and they have 80 places. They do over offer as they know that a lot of the applicants would of applied to numerous schools. But will take the first 80 applications returned.

Questions we were asked standard 11+ questions why do you want to come to this school? What book are you currently reading. These are the only 2 he remembered.

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