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Kingston Grammar 11+

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mondaygirl Tue 14-Jan-14 13:55:13

Does anyone know how many sat the 11+ exam this year for Kingston Grammar, and when you can expect to be called back for an interview?

Fruitbat05 Mon 20-Jan-14 20:55:30

Hi, to be honest it was more of a experiment, to give DS an idea for next years 11+. Hence, we only did Kingston, he felt it went ok but I don't hold out much hope as we didn't do any tutoring. Like Wheresthsbeach I am now a bit desperate to hear despite having a very causal approach to start. Must try harder.....

ttcnumber3maybe Mon 20-Jan-14 21:03:58

We didn't tutor either, just a bit of extra work at home. Ds in an 'outstanding' state primary and in all top sets, at level 5. Ten plus was an experiment for us as well and wanted to see really how he got on, didnt hold out huge hope esp after hampton, but really just want to know now for his sake as he asks me if post has been every day (and honestly ive been downplaying it). ds was a bit flummoxed by hampton and rushed it all, but he had loved the school at open day ... mind you we have an outstanding (and free) state secondary on our doorstep where kids reg get into oxbridge and russel group unis so lucky position really... But it's the not knowing!

Fruitbat05 Mon 20-Jan-14 21:12:17

It is the not knowing, my DS very keen footballer which isn't the biggest sport at KSG, but it would be nice to hear! Good luck, am sure we'll all be updated soon. Yikes

CherryEmma Tue 21-Jan-14 13:36:54

Hello, have you tried posting this on Kingston Local talk board too? Here's the link:

Local Editor

wheresthebeach Tue 21-Jan-14 17:37:30

Still silence...we avoided exam prep too as wanted so see where dd fell naturally. Now wishing...sigh

Fruitbat05 Tue 21-Jan-14 19:29:51

Same here, at least the experience of the exam will be good for next year, no matter what the outcome. Every cloud and all that!

Alana1975 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:14:06

We daughter took 10+ at KGS but we have not heard about the results either.

CountessDracula Wed 22-Jan-14 13:40:23

We didn't tutor dd for the 10+ either

ttcnumber3maybe Wed 22-Jan-14 14:16:58

Nothing today in post!!

Fruitbat05 Wed 22-Jan-14 15:10:17

Nothing here either!

wheresthebeach Wed 22-Jan-14 23:52:22

No post for two days....making me crazy. Which is crazy.

wheresthebeach Wed 22-Jan-14 23:59:12

No post for two days....making me crazy. Which is crazy.

castlesintheair Thu 23-Jan-14 06:39:47

IIRC on the email it said they send letters on 13th Feb so we should all relax and enjoy this "not knowing" stage confused

Contessa28 Thu 23-Jan-14 14:17:40

Hi! I was told that if it is a rejection they send out a letter and you hear within two weeks?

wheresthebeach Thu 23-Jan-14 15:54:51

Who by??

Contessa28 Thu 23-Jan-14 22:16:34

Sorry I meant to say that someone i know who went through this a few years ago (tho it may have changed!) said that interviews start a couple of weeks after the exam and they start calling for interview. If you are not in the running you get a letter. Reading the kgs info, it does suggest that you get a letter if you are to be invited for an interview 2 weeks after the exam (tho by all accounts they are doing 11+ first and running late) and interviews 2 wks after. Surely they must send letters out if you aren't in the running? Aaarrrggghhh! Wish they were clearer so we know and can prepare kids for worst if need be ...!

wheresthebeach Thu 23-Jan-14 22:28:39

Certainly not the clearest communication in the world.

Contessa28 Fri 24-Jan-14 16:20:54

I just called kgs and they are sending out letters (hopefully today they said!) to let us know the next process and whether an interview or try again next year ... Fingers crossed all!!

wheresthebeach Tue 28-Jan-14 12:58:07

Still nothing....

Alana1975 Tue 28-Jan-14 13:29:57

nothing as well

Chooknhook Tue 28-Jan-14 14:43:14

Hello all! My DD sat the KGS 11+ this year and the not knowing the result is killing me... Did your DCs get general or maths/English interviews? My DD had a maths interview (which is def her weaker subject) and hasn't said anything about the interview other than she got a question wrong. Probably better not to know if the result's not the one we want... Does anyone know how many of those with interviews will be put on the waiting list? Unfortunately it's the only school she wants...

amidaiwish Tue 28-Jan-14 15:21:55

Sorry chooknhook can't help only to say I know lots who have had interviews and no one has heard yet. The only school which seems to be quick getting offers out is st george's weybridge. So don't fret yet !

Contessa28 Tue 28-Jan-14 18:17:57

Sir William Perkins have also put offers out for friends who have done the 11 plus. Not sure about rgs Guildford yet or hampton?

Chooknhook Tue 28-Jan-14 18:31:44

We know of letters going out from SWPS, Radnor House, Surbiton High School and St.Georges. I think Wimbledon High are posting results out on 4th Feb. Good luck to everyone!

ClaraMaugham Tue 28-Jan-14 23:51:25

Hi Chooknhook - we're waiting for 11+ too. Not expecting to hear anything for another week though. The waiting is the worst. No one seems to have any numbers to cheer us up, although general feedback is that they make quite a lot of offers. I have certainly known many DC be offered KGS in the past, including several who turned it down for other schools. So fingers crossed we should be in with a shot. Getting to interview is definitely an achievement so far!

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