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Long shot - anyone know anything about highgate school in N London?

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Cll Tue 02-Mar-04 19:44:14

My ds has been offered a place after an assessment. I was so sure he wasn't going to get one I'd already accepted a place at local pre school where my dd went - which is a walk away but he has to leave and do the whole assessment thing at 4...BUT Highgate tho I think a good school is nowhere near where I have to get my dd every morning....hmmm
Just any info on Highgate would be good. Have to give our decision by tomorrow...

suzywong Tue 02-Mar-04 19:50:06

What kind of stuff so you want to know?

Cll Tue 02-Mar-04 21:45:40

Anything really from were the children happy, teachers good, gen atmos good to does it do well in the senior school. I know it's going co-ed. Think I've already decided that the logistics are going to be too tricky to accept , but there's this niggling thought that maybe this is a fantastic school and I should put myself out more to make it OK for him to go?
Sorry rambling and indecisive...

sykes Tue 02-Mar-04 22:17:25

Friends of mine are sending elder ds after entrance exams and other friends would like to send their children. Hear it's very academic - depends on the child.

donnie Thu 04-Mar-04 14:52:36

a friend of mine used to teach Classics there ( in the senior school obviously). V. academic and good results but be prepared to pay loads more than just the fees for trips etc. Also lots of rich people's/ celeb's sons go there so a fair bit of rivalry and snootiness among kids and parents. Also from a practical point, it ain't near a tube and the traffic is abysmal whether you approach from Archway, Holloway, Highgate or The Bishops Ave.Sorry to sound so negative!

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