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Devon schools - Ivybridge vs south Dartmoor vs KEVICCS

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Flopsygrowsup Thu 02-Jan-14 23:05:35

Hi - have posted before and got some great advice. We are moving to Devon ( woooo hoooo) and have been down this week looking at towns and villages. We're back down n 2 weeks to look at schools but have ruled down to three above.. Would love to here any views

Flopsygrowsup Sat 04-Jan-14 17:58:32


UniS Sun 05-Jan-14 20:35:53

Keviccs- Have now introduced uniform. Its not made much difference to the overall look, still a scruffy bunch. some parents love Keviccs, some loathe it. Strong on artistic stuff, not always good with dyslexic pupils. Campusis split on both sides of a road, foot bridge joining them. I don't think pupils move between sites much in a day.

South Dartmoor - I don't know much about.

Ivybridge- sports obsessed school. Pretty strong performing arts section too. Enormous school with a crowed campus and lots of stairs.

Look at the school bus routes and check which villages are in catchment for which school to check if you are eligible for free school bus or if you would have to pay.
Also look at which school does "late bus" service to your village to allow kids to do after school clubs.

Flopsygrowsup Sun 05-Jan-14 21:40:41

Thanks -v helpful

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