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Yr 2 SATS 'Cancelled'???????

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mrsforgetful Mon 01-Mar-04 22:06:49

I got a 'meaningless' letter today saying that our school is taking part in a 'different' scheme (being piloted in selected schools throughout the country)to assess our childrens's abilities - instead of SATS.......can anyone explain this to me?????

Anyone who knows me will understand my despair as this school's communication is so useless- and this letter they've sent home is an A4 side of paper filled with a load of garble about nothing!!!!!

popsycal Mon 01-Mar-04 22:11:23

erm....first I have heard....

Ailsa Mon 01-Mar-04 23:10:27

look here

mrsforgetful Tue 02-Mar-04 23:59:53

Thanks- that has made it all clearer- also found the site very useful for SEN info too!

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