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Just wondering about St James' secondary school (girls) and a few things...

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Elibean Sun 01-Dec-13 13:49:28 an open day recently, I got the distinct impression that the Head (via a written speech) and the Deputy (who spoke) found the internet and, more generally, the media, a real threat.

I understood their viewpoint, in a way, but I worried about the negativity attached to it though it were 'Bad' or 'Dangerous'. A bit them and us.

Is this a false impression I got? Does this school know how to deal sensibly and honestly with eg bullying, anger, hostility, internet dangers, etc etc and not pretend either that they don't exist, or that they are 'out there' and not, potentially, in us all?

I really liked a lot of things about the school. I just worry about any community that demonises - however slightly. And I also worry that in a society that is all about caring (which is fine), healthy anger/boundaries/saying no/thinking about oneself/the dark side we all have etc will be pushed away or go underground.

I may be making no sense blush
But if any current or ex parents can enlighten me, I'd be very grateful.

CaringParent111 Wed 08-Jul-15 13:03:19

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