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Threshold - can someone explain this?

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mineofuselessinformation Wed 27-Nov-13 18:43:01

I'm alternating between confused and angry......
I applied for threshold in mid-July. Last two years' PM observations rated good (and another recent one). 25 years of teaching under my belt, but had issues on RL which meant that it was too much to apply before, not that that makes any odds.
After asking, asking and asking again, I had a letter today which states 'you have not provided enough evidence to show that you have fully met all ten threshold standards'.
I'm mystified by this. I attached my observations, and the Head himself told us in a staff meeting this was the new criteria in September 2012.
Has it happened to anyone else?
Any advice?

noblegiraffe Wed 27-Nov-13 19:02:40

I think you are entitled to more detailed feedback than that, so that you can improve your application for next year. You need to ask what more you were expected to do.

I had to submit a lever arch file of evidence that I met the teaching standards when I went through threshold last year so I think it varies from school to school.

mineofuselessinformation Wed 27-Nov-13 19:11:43

Thanks for replying, Noble.
I'm so upset.... I start a new job in the new year. (And frankly could do with the money as I've lost a huge amount in benefits and maintenance as dd1 started uni this year.)
I don't think it's any coincidence that the school has a huge deficit in its budget (2nd year after becoming an academy). Even my HOD was convinced I'd qualify.
I have ten days to appeal, but as you say, no help offered to explain why I didn't qualify.....
I had a huge crisis of confidence last year, wondering why I still wanted to teach (because I love it) and wondering what the hell else I would do if I stopped (didn't have a clue). I've got a new job full time instead of part time and am trying to get my career back on track (was a head of department but then gave it up as I wanted to be there for a much wanted child)....
Just wondering why the hell I bother to try.... And feeling very sorry for myself.
Sorry to drone on.

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