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I need a list of all thesecondary schools in the UK.............

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Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 15:06:22

Message withdrawn

pollingfold Thu 26-Feb-04 15:08:35

I don't know about every one - but if you go to the Times website on education they have the results for top 500.

Sorry that all I can think off the top of my head.

Galaxy Thu 26-Feb-04 15:09:22

message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 15:11:57

Message withdrawn

zebra Thu 26-Feb-04 15:14:13

Have you tried the Dept of education website ...? At worst, you could get them all LEA by LEA using the performance tables downloads.

Twinkie Thu 26-Feb-04 15:24:28


twiglett Thu 26-Feb-04 16:07:05

message withdrawn

marialuisa Thu 26-Feb-04 16:07:33

Schoolsnet has gaps though. I'd go for Zebra's suggestion, as even the most obscure independent school will be listed.

Jaybee Thu 26-Feb-04 16:17:50

What about the Ofsted website - I think they are listed under LEAs but include full postal addresses and maps.

bunny2 Thu 26-Feb-04 19:16:34 (Times Ed Supplement)

Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 19:22:49

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 19:23:12

Message withdrawn

zebra Thu 26-Feb-04 20:01:12

ACtually, obscure independent primary schools are often not listed on DFES website; at least, I only find things using the performance tables, and some independent primaries don't do the SATs/KS tests... but would all secondaries do GCSEs for sure? Sorry if that's a dumb question, remember I'm a foreigner!
Here is one website that lists independent schools, but I don't know if a single source exists for them all.

Hulababy Thu 26-Feb-04 20:09:50

Ofsted site

twiglett Thu 26-Feb-04 20:10:12

message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 20:18:35

Message withdrawn

twiglett Thu 26-Feb-04 20:54:49

message withdrawn

twiglett Thu 26-Feb-04 21:05:50

message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 26-Feb-04 23:41:09

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Fri 27-Feb-04 11:10:27

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Fri 27-Feb-04 12:00:51

Message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 27-Feb-04 12:08:47

message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 27-Feb-04 12:23:18

message withdrawn

Beetroot Fri 27-Feb-04 12:33:29

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Fri 27-Feb-04 12:34:44

Message withdrawn

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