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Anyone with DC at the Minster School or St Peters in York?

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Northernmonkeys Fri 22-Nov-13 10:52:21

I'd like experiences of these schools please as considering sending DS to one of them.
Thank you

RedWineAndCheese Sat 23-Nov-13 04:37:24

I know both schools well. What would you like to know specifically? They are very different schools!

Northernmonkeys Sat 23-Nov-13 07:24:47

Do you have DC there? I would just like opinions on which is the best in terms of environment and teaching methods. I realise they are different and obviously very different In size. We have visited both but are still confused as to which would be best for our DS.
If we went for Peter's we would be starting off at nursery and moving up.

RedWineAndCheese Sat 30-Nov-13 06:46:34

I will PM you!

SnowLeopard27 Sat 30-Nov-13 19:03:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

missbenson78 Wed 04-Dec-13 10:08:10

Hi. Thank you for the helpful information above. Do you also know which local secondary schools the Minster School tends to feed into please?

umbrellahead Wed 04-Dec-13 18:29:58

Mainly St Peters I believe missbenson due to their main point of entry being 13+. A few each year also go to Bootham and The Mount as well as a couple outside of York. I don't think they are school very geared up towards common entrance if you're looking at boarding at 13 though.

RedWineAndCheese Fri 06-Dec-13 07:08:10

Lots do go further afield from the minster. Look at their scholarship record. Music, choral mostly, but academic, art and even some sport.

Sorry I haven't PMed yet. Cannot do it from the phone!

umbrellahead Sat 07-Dec-13 18:25:49

Ah okay, sorry for potentially leading your astray there OP! I only have experience of the York secondaries so my comment was purely based on where friends have sent their DC.

I can't find anything on there website about leavers/scholarships but it would be interesting to know as I am in the process of making a similar decision to the OP.

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