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Recommendations for Brain Teasers for 8 - 10 year olds.

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Strix Mon 18-Nov-13 13:09:22

I am looking for a way to encourage my children's (DS1 age 8 and DD age 10) to exercise their lazy brains.

Books, electronic games, anything really. Probably a portable electronic game would get the most use.

neolara Mon 18-Nov-13 13:11:30

dragonbox app. Totally addictive and teaches them algebra without them realising.

WatchingTheFooty Tue 19-Nov-13 22:34:49

Neolara - it seems to me that dragonbox teaches the method for solving algebraic equations without teaching any understanding of what you're actually doing. However, my DCs have only been playing it for a short time, so maybe I'm judging it prematurely. I agree it's addictive though.

Strix, see this thread on coding for some more ideas. I'd highly recommend Scratch. There's also another recent thread about Maths resources that might help.

You could get books on non-verbal reasoning and/or verbal reasoning. There are probably apps you can download too. If you disregard their association with 11+ exams, they're actually good fun for kids who enjoy puzzles.

Strix Wed 20-Nov-13 15:54:25

Thanks all.

Michaelahpurple Tue 26-Nov-13 09:26:08

Moving away from screens, the happy puzzle company has lots of really good worthwhile puzzles. I particularly like Rush hour (which also comes as an app )

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