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Good schools in Bournemouth / Christchurch area

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99redballoons Tue 11-Jul-06 10:35:58

Hi, we're hopefully moving down to the Bournemouth area in the next year or so. I have to start investigating places to move to, and ofcourse schools will probably dictate this! Can anyone advise on good primary and secondary schools down there? Many thanks

Kittypickle Tue 11-Jul-06 13:23:12

There are a few people in that area who post on MN who I'm sure can help. I'm a few miles away so not really sure, but do have a friend whose children went to St. Katherine's I think it is over in that area, but I think it's a church school. They have then gone privately but if they hadn't would have gone to Twynham which she said is pretty good.

southeastastra Tue 11-Jul-06 13:24:36

my sister lives in new milton, is that too far for you?

brimfull Tue 11-Jul-06 13:26:28

Hi,I live in Ringwood which is about 15 minutes drive out of bournemouth.Schools in Ringwood are really good,senior school oversubscribed.My dd has gone through noth infant and junior and they were both great.Bournemouth also has good grammer schools,Highcliffe(senior) in christchurch as a good reputation,as does the priory school in xchurch.

Surfermum Tue 11-Jul-06 13:32:10

I live in Broadstone. We have first, middle and upper schools here. DD is only 3 but I'm always being told how lucky we are to live within the catchment area for the schools here as they are so good and so popular.

Anyway, never mind the schools, we have great meet ups .

CaptainFlameSparrow Tue 11-Jul-06 13:34:53

I'm no use... mine aren't in school yet - I was just wanting to reply because you were on the potty training thread with me n surfermum (both B'mth/poole mums), so I'm guessing that you must have one the same sort of age

Kittypickle Tue 11-Jul-06 13:42:27

I'd better speak for Wimborne then as the rest have covered Broadstone, Ringwood & New Milton Lower Middle and Upper here and we come under Dorset LEA.Only got experience of a First school so far which has been excellent but the rest are supposed to be good and some of the children go the the Grammar schools in Poole at 11.

99redballoons Tue 11-Jul-06 15:07:26

Hi all, thanks for the replies. We have no idea where we're going to move to so the more info the better. My bil/sil live in Southborne and before then Westborne, so we are only familiar with those two areas. We travel through Ringwood and Christchurch on the way down, both look lovely. I will have to get out the map and find where these other lovely places are!

Hi flamesparrow!! Long time no speak Yes, ds was 3 a few weeks ago.. where has the time gone? Also have a dd now, 8.5mo. It would be lovely to meet you when we're eventually down there! We're in NWLondon atm. Cannot wait to leave....

99redballoons Tue 11-Jul-06 15:08:16

doh! and sufermum!!

Surfermum Tue 11-Jul-06 15:09:12

You will love it here! I'm from West London and have never missed it.

99redballoons Tue 17-Oct-06 10:58:32

Just bumping again for any other suggestions. Thanks!

steveinbrnmth Tue 17-Oct-06 14:04:33

Hi all, I've read all this with interest; I am an ex Deputy and Acting Headteacher, also an Ofsted Inspector(!) who has just set up the UK Schools Information Service \link

Take a look and subscribe if interested, it doesn't cost much at all!

Flamebat Tue 17-Oct-06 14:09:28

Were you the deputy/acting head somewhere in Bournemouth then? Spill!

Kittypickle Tue 17-Oct-06 14:17:26

steveinbrnmth, if you can find me a small middle school with small class sizes and who can give the help that my DD with dyspraxia & hypermobility needs to save me forking out for fees in two years time, I will happily give you £50 !

Snoots Fri 21-Sep-07 20:08:56

Hi - I am moving down to Bournemouth area too - I am struggling to find houses. I think we'll prob rent somewhere first. God it is hard to house hunt with two wee ones!! My ds are 2.5 months and 8 months old

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