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Can anyone recommend a distance learning college for A levels ?

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WSM Tue 24-Feb-04 20:31:11

Due to family circumstances I left school at 16. I was a slightly above average student and left with 9 GCSEs all with good pass grades. I promised myself (and friends who thought I was mad to leave at 16) that I would finish my education at a later date when my earning a wage was no longer vital.

A few years later, I'm almost 22 and am married with 3 kids (2 stepsons and one bio DD), the youngest is 18mo, and I feel that the time is right to turn my mind to pick up my education. Dh agrees and is very supportive. Fortunately DH earns enough to enable me to be a full time SAHM and for us to still live a comfortable lifestyle without a second income so financially the courses are also do-able.

What I want to know is have any of you done your A-levels as a correspondence/distance learning course ? How did you find it ? Would you recommend the establishment which offered the course ? Or perhaps you know someone who is doing/has done their A-levels this way and can recommend a good place to do it ?


crystaltips Tue 24-Feb-04 20:42:42

Good idea ... I'd like to do that ....
Will watch with interest

Jimjams Tue 24-Feb-04 21:12:22

Yes - the NEC- national extension college. The only problem you have is finding somewhere to sit the exams as a private candidate. ALthough I could give you some tips in London of places that may help out.

WSM Tue 24-Feb-04 21:17:37

I have got the NEC as a favourite on my pc. They sent me a list of places in Brum that would allow me to take my exams there, I'm in Worcestershire. I wasn;t sure if they were a bit of a 'mickey mouse' place tbh.

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