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if we move to richmond/ Twickenham area what are the good schools?

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scrummummy Sat 02-Nov-13 19:32:59

we need to move next summer and are thinking of moving to SW area Richmond/ Twickenham area . we have 2DDs who would be in Y1 and Y4.
how easy us it to get into schools in the area? what are they like? they currently go private so would probably do the same , what are the chances of there being a Y1 and Y4 place?

Gigondas Sat 02-Nov-13 20:07:44

I would repost this in Richmond local too.

If you want state, I think you may struggle particularly for places in same school as Richmond borough has real issue on places.

Private schools is probably a matter of ringing round. You could try Radnor house in Twickenham which is a new school with good reputation - it's only been going a short while see here link

Quite a few private schools do admission by test/interview so that may be something to consider .

Gigondas Sat 02-Nov-13 20:10:38

Sorry to answer your question provision at both state and private level is excellent which means there is a real pressure on places in both sectors.

Ringing council and the schools you like will give you a much better feel for spaces in y1 and y4 (you get variation between years depending on how many bulge classes in place etc).

celiamolestrangler Sun 03-Nov-13 00:02:22

They're all good. There are more likely to be vacancies in KS2 - it's a bit unpredictable but there's a surprising amount of movement in some schools because families are from all over the world.

The Admissions office are helpful, as may be individual schools. If you've got two children you may get a place for one and either a different school or need to wait a few weeks for the other (but you would then get sibling priority).

Fridayschild Sun 03-Nov-13 07:47:59

Lots of schools. You will get lots of advice here, some of it may even be helpful (grin) if you can be more specific.

Do you want single sex or mixed? Girls or boys? Will your children thrive in a small friendly environment or enjoy the challenge of an academic hothouse? Do you mind if the other families at your school spend their weekends in Monaco while you camp in Devon once a year? Do you want a school they can stay at till they are 18?

Fridayschild Sun 03-Nov-13 07:49:07

Sorry - I have read the op properly now and I see you have two girls.

mary21 Sun 03-Nov-13 07:54:02

In Twickenham St Catherine'sgirls may have space and Newland house mixed worth a try for occasional places. Both Private. All the state primaries are good . I like St Mary's . Lots of tutoring goes on in all the state primaries and Indies too I believe. Its a nice area to bring up kids though.

mary21 Sun 03-Nov-13 07:54:58

Should of added. All the primary are full at reception but people do move so spaces go come up

Shootingatpigeons Sun 03-Nov-13 10:51:19

You will need to do some ringing around, as others have said there is a pressure on places. There are more children than places at oversubscribed state primaries, apart from a couple of inaccessible unpopular ones, so a lot more parents end up going private and that translates into pressure on places at private schools as well. Private Schools that have a Year 1 and 4 for girls include Radnor, Newlands, Old Vicarage, Broomfield House, Unicorn, Twickenham Prep (confusingly in Hampton) and my neighbour sends her DDs to Rowan's which is out Esher way I think and another sends hers to St George's Weybridge not so bad a journey as you would think as you are going against the traffic. There is also jack and Jill which is a pre prep and a few selective preps that start in Year 4, Lady Eleanor Holles is one. Also worth trying The Highs Surbiton, Putney and Wimbledon which have preps that start at Reception but are selective though not overly so.

This might help

Only a few deranged parents would tutor at indies, most are good at preparing pupils for the selective indies, in fact should you have a choice, the extent they focus on that to the exclusion of all else might be a factor in your choice. This is the land of the alpha mum and ridiculous levels of competitive parenting and you may or may not want to buy into that wink

StressedandFrazzled Mon 04-Nov-13 10:31:49

The Harrodian takes children from reception through to sixth form, but I don't know how easy it would be to get two places for those years, you'd have to ring admissions and ask. It's private, co-ed in Barnes.

mary21 Mon 04-Nov-13 11:08:21

Radnor House is from age/7 year/3

mary21 Mon 04-Nov-13 11:11:55

Leh is too

Shootingatpigeons Mon 04-Nov-13 13:03:28

I hadn't realised Radnor was from 7 so that would be another one that would feed from Jack and Jill, as I mentioned the (highly selective ) LEH Prep does .

I didn't mention St Catherine's, that is a lovely nurturing school but some grumbles from parents who don't want that all through as they felt their DDs were not prepared for selective exams.

celiamolestrangler Mon 04-Nov-13 16:00:32

Sorry, didn't realise you were looking at private. Was going to add that there were a few places in Y4 at St Stephen's last year (St Margaret's) - and it's been reorganised at KS1 so you may be lucky for Y1 too.

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