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Helping your child with maths

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popsycal Sun 22-Feb-04 13:11:54


I have spoken before about helping parents to help their children, especially with maths. Quite afew people expressed interest in this sort of information.

I have just found an excellenet website run by Leicestershire autority which gives parents guidance on the methods that children are taught in school.


Slinky Sun 22-Feb-04 14:28:13

Ah that's fab Popsycal!

DD1's in Year 3 and it's apparent that they obviously teach Addition and Subtraction in a different way to how I was taught!

In the past, we have both ended up frustrated because she was trying to remember how she was taught at school, and I was desperate to show her "my way" but didn't because I didn't want to end up confusing her

Now, she's often showing me how to do them now LOL!

roisin Sun 22-Feb-04 19:22:23

Great site popsycal - thanks for passing that on to is.

Personally I really approve of 'modern maths'. My boys (4 and 6) seem to have a very solid understanding of the concept of a number, and can do loads of mental calculations without resorting to pen and paper. DS2 was selling me bits of playdough today, and insisted on working out (correctly) the change from 5p and 10p. I was gobsmacked: I had no idea he could do that. He's only 4!

Sonnet Tue 24-Feb-04 11:06:59

Thanks Popsycal - much appreciated....

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