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When to go private?

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Vijac Mon 21-Oct-13 12:18:13

If money is limited, which stage do you think is most beneficial for a child to have private education? 4-7, 7-11 or secondary? Secondary is obviously where you get all your qualifications etc and where you are most likely to go off the rails and participate in club. But then, if you don't have the best start in education could it set the tone in a child's attitude and would they get into the more academic secondaries? What do people think. Just as an aside, I do know that there are good state schools available too.

curlew Thu 24-Oct-13 13:57:44

"I would like to add my daughter was state educated in Hong kong and she can still compete with her selective private peers in the UK. So its not all doom and gloom."

curlew Thu 24-Oct-13 13:58:18

Sorry, posted before I added "what does this mean?" To my c and p.

Kenlee Thu 24-Oct-13 14:14:01

I don't know what it means to your C and P...I do know its a good example that kids from state primary can integrate into private sector.

Whereby Im sure private students who wish to return to state say at A level can also.

The message is clear both sectors has its sucess stories and downfalls...

I like private because it fits my child. Others may disagree either politically or ethically about my choice.

Its my child so I do what is best for her.

Vijac Thu 24-Oct-13 15:32:55

At the risk of wading back in (yikes). I i didn't mean to criticise state schools as a whole, or even at all. You have more ability to choose the best school for your child with private (rather than just being allocated). Knowing my local options, the private schools would have smaller pupil to teacher ratios (35 vs 15-24 depending on school), better grounds and facilities, more optional extras and also likely less variation in abilities (as selective and presumably all from parents who especially value formal education). The latter point making it easier for the teacher to focus her teaching and to stretch everyone together. The combination of these things means that I think it is likely that my child would get a better educational and all round experience in private vs. my local state school.

I know that this is not always the case and that there are millions of children with top grades and positive experiences coming from state schools. One example is my husband who loved his state primary, secondary (not grammar) and college, made great friends, got top grades in science and maths subjects a level and went on to a Russell group uni to get a first. Meanwhile I went private throughout and disliked my first school 4-7(convent), but loved the rest. I got good grades but not always A's. However, I think the sport I did competitively with school, stopped me going off the rails as a teenager and made my secondary school experience especiallyamazing. This sport was not a mainstream one (I was rubbish at netball, tennis etc) and I would not have got into it outside of school either. I hope this very long winded explanation gives some insight into where I was coming from. Didn't mean to start a bunfight!

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