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Bullying headmaster

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Retroformica Mon 28-Oct-13 06:11:03

Write to LEA and OFSTED

eatyourveg Fri 25-Oct-13 19:56:55

have you considered this?

Mummyof2wifeof1 Fri 25-Oct-13 19:45:29

Thanks everyone I will let you know how we get on.

LondonMother Sun 20-Oct-13 09:03:26

If you have no realistic alternative school, which will often be the case in country areas where it's a long way to the next nearest school, your options are very limited. Stick where you are, keep stum and count the days, or take a deep breath and work at trying to make things better for the children and staff. The latter will probably work better if a group of parents works together, for mutual support - also gives you more credibility in the eyes of other parties if there are clearly a lot of you feeling this way.

The school will have a complaints procedure. In cases like this I think the best thing to do is to get hold of that and work steadily through the procedure. (If you can't get the policy from the school that's grounds for complaint in itself.) From the sound of it you or other parents may already have started doing this, so document what's already been done and ask to get the next stage under way.

Contact your Education Authority and ask for their advice/support, if it's a community or voluntary aided/controlled school. If it's an academy try the Department of Education.

Alongside all of this, I'd suggest contacting Ofsted directly as somebody there should be able to explain how parents can report concerns.

Good luck!

creamteas Sun 20-Oct-13 09:01:27

What type of school? Your options will partially depend on this.

You can report cheating on SATs to the Standards and Testing Agency, so this might be a first step.

mummytime Sun 20-Oct-13 06:54:31

I would have moved my children by now.
Quite simply if it as bad as you say, then I would think about my DC and move them/home school them.

Mummyof2wifeof1 Sun 20-Oct-13 06:51:01

Hi we have a problem with our new headmaster. Whilst giving him the benefit of doubt as this is his first headmaster ship for the past couple of years he has got worse rather than better.

He is very confrontational to any parent if they raise any concern. He has banned a few parents from the playground if they say anything about him or the school he does not like. To the point some have left due to his behaviour and are now too scared to speak up. Most mornings he is shouting at some parent.

He has faked his stats by taking weaker pupils off into a room on their own and giving them the answers - one of my friends boy who was looking for extra help for her son passed with 100% and he is very dyslexic and told his mum he got help.

The board of govenors are too scared of him to do anything even when a complaint is made. When one does make a complaint he then singles that person and their child out for attention. One child who was admittedly high spirited he called a trouble maker and expelled him. He was 6!.

He lies to the admittance board who gave him a max intake of 11 pupils per year (it's a very small school). Then told parents just to arrive at school and he would get them in! He took on a further 11 which must be a health and safety risk.

He is laying off good staff who stand up against him. One lovely at who makes our little school he sent her home for a week with no explanation. The only thing that keeps people there are the staff who continue on regardless.

What I wish to know is what measures can one take to help us get ofsteaded as one I'd due as we have a que of mums to speak up.

We have just found parent view but are there other measures we can take I am unaware of.

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