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Warwickshire - kenilworth/Alcester/southam

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SadOldGit Tue 29-Oct-13 19:44:40

Yes - be very wary where you buy re HS2!!
To be honest South Warwickshire schools are very good, Kenilworth and Myton are highly regarded (as are Southam and Alcester)

senua Mon 28-Oct-13 09:35:14

I think that Kenilworth is a nice compromise. Small town but, when they are older, the DC can get to the excitement that is Coventry or Leamington. Leamington is quite a buzzing place because of the students from Warwick University. Kenilworth is only a short hop from the University itself, with its Arts Centre.

If money was no object then I would go for Leamington. The reason that it, and Warwick, are expensive is because of the access to London by rail or the M40.

Word of warning: this is High Speed 2 country. Or not. Depends on the politicians ...confused

Retroformica Mon 28-Oct-13 06:12:19

Kennilworth stands head and shoulders above all the schools. Myton is another excellent school in Warwick.

brettgirl2 Thu 24-Oct-13 22:09:46

Kenilworth is nice with good schools but expensive. Leamington is surely less expensive than kenilworth? Agree re stratford it would drive me mad plus again v pricey.

Don't really know southam/ alcester....

What's sort of house do you want/ price range? Warwick itself is only a smallish place and has improved lots in the past 15 years or so.

Endofmyfeather Tue 22-Oct-13 23:59:36

Hi, I can't speak for Kenilworth or Southam, but I grew up in Alcester and was secondary school educated in Alcester. Two of the secondary schools there are second to none, but do have their barriers to entry - the best secondary schools (St. Benedict's and Alcester Grammar) have their entrance requirements despite being public sector (such as religion or 11+).

If you are a Catholic or have a child that is likely to pass the 11+ then I can highly recommend both St Bens and Alcester Grammar (I went to both). Their results and Ofsted reports are fab and they're both lovely communities (especially St Ben's which was always my fave).

As a place to live, Alcester has it's positives and negatives like any small town. It has a lovely community and friendly side to it, they've smartened up the High Street with some interesting shops and coffee shops, and it's well-located for lots of lovely areas. It also has a couple of dodgy areas, and some pubs that you'd want to avoid on a Friday night - like anywhere really.

Best of luck.

Inclusionist Sat 19-Oct-13 22:31:02

Dsis lives in Weston. Nice rural feel and the farm shop is fab!

Her kids are at Warwick which seems to be a very good school.

zeeww Sat 19-Oct-13 22:04:09

DH's got a new job in Warwick, so will be moving to the area after Xmas. We prefer semi-rural, and not too far away from warwick and amenities, spoken to various friends in the area and also did 'drive-rounds' in the areas to get a feel. So far we have narrowed to Kenilworth, Southam and Alcester. Discounted Stratford for being too touristy, and leamington we get less house for the same money.

Schools are important too, DS is 2 and another one on the way. We can see ourselves living in the area for a foreseeable future, so it could be awhile until our next move after this.

We have not family/friends ties in any of these areas, we would welcome views about which these areas are better for schools and community?

We haven't started viewing in these areas, but driving about I quite like southam and kenilworth, DH liked all of Alcester, southam and kenilworth. However we are not sure what's good/not so good about these areas?

Thanks in advance for any comments...much appreciated

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