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Sending my average DS to the local comp....or private?

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Parmarella Wed 09-Oct-13 11:52:54

DS in y6 is average. To me this is an achievement as only 2 years ago he was 18 months behind!

I was thinking of sending him to our local comp, as it is quite good (good pastoral care, friendly, 85% 5+ A-C GCSE INCL Maths and Engl. but of course big classes and some low level disruption which is distracting)

Most MNers seem to have above average kids.

So I was wondering if anyone who has a more average DS, and sent him to the local comp, could tell me how they fared?

Lots of my friends send kids private, but the private schools here do not have better results than the comps, apart from one super selective he would not get into anyway.

Am I deluded in thinking an average kid at a local comp could do well in the end? Or will they slowly sink without a trace in a middle- bottom set? ( as MIL seems to think).

He is clever enough, just not "school clever" IYKWIM.

Have my heart set on the local comp, DS would liek to go there too, but no experience myself of the state system so am I seeing it with rose tinted spectacles?

Please reassure me about average kids at comprehensives!

Marmitelover55 Mon 14-Oct-13 18:02:38

Curlew - I have the figures for 2012 for FSM and it is 25.9%. I think it will be higher in the 2013 figures, as there was still a non-academy intake included in the 2012 figures. National average appears next to it as 26.7%, so pretty close to national average. It says third quintile.

Regarding SEN it says 2.5% compared to national average of 8.1% so yes this looks low - lowest quintile.


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