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HELP! Costume needed for- tomorrow!

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WellKnownMemorablePeachyClair Thu 29-Jun-06 11:09:57

DS2 has his class assembly tomorrow, mini beast theme. can't find the spider costume we knew we had. Any ideas please? Nowhere here sells fancy dress, and I have no DD's so no wings unfortunately to be found (3 ds's)


SoupDragon Thu 29-Jun-06 11:20:23

Brown sleeping bag, antennae = slug

SoupDragon Thu 29-Jun-06 11:20:53

Stuff black tights to make extra legs for a new spider costume?

SoupDragon Thu 29-Jun-06 11:21:40

Brown clothes, kind of brown long fridge up both sides = woodlouse with many legs

MrsBadger Thu 29-Jun-06 11:39:59

easiest is ladybird - big oval of red card with large black dots
staple/glue/sew on ribbon or tape loops and wear like a rucksack
wear with longsleeved black top and black tights/trousers
add antennae and mirrored sunglasses, and extra legs made of stuffed tights and/or black binbags twisted up and taped if you feel the need.

if ladybird deemed too girly, use shiny black card and cut antler-shaped antennae out of same shiny black card to be a Stag Beetle.

BettySpaghetti Thu 29-Jun-06 11:55:32

Soupy -long brown fridge ??????? You sure about that, could restrict movement somewhat?

jamsambam Thu 29-Jun-06 12:02:07

id go for the sleeping bag thing...and goggles so he looks like a moth caterpiller..

Whizzz Thu 29-Jun-06 12:02:25

Dress all in green & wriggle = caterpillr

Marina Thu 29-Jun-06 12:02:52

Do you have one of those pop-up tunnels for the garden? I once saw a child do a fabulous impression of a caterpillar by standing up in one and shuffling along quite nimbly. You could rig up some kind of shoulder strap support to keep him from having to hold it up all the time...

WellKnownMemorablePeachyClair Thu 29-Jun-06 12:10:59

LOL at these!

Off to find what we have, see which option I take- thanks! Good old MN!

(PMSL immensely)

Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 17:49:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina Thu 29-Jun-06 17:50:15

Yes and you are a well-known highly talented craftyperson with a huge stash of craft supplies 'Frau!

Californifrau Thu 29-Jun-06 19:01:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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