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Northampton and surrounding villages - what are the good schools?

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Holymoly321 Tue 27-Jun-06 14:32:37

I've had a look at '' for info on schools, but would appreciate personal thoughts. WE're thinking of moving to Northampton or surrounding villages/towns but will be needing a school for our son who is currently 10 months old. We only want to move once so would like to be in the right spot for good primary and secondary schools. THanks in advance!

Philly Tue 27-Jun-06 22:12:45

Milton Malsor has a fantastic village school,it's a really nice village with easy links into town and station.
Chapel Brampton/Church Brampton also used to have a good school but not sure now.Also guilsborough and Long buckby.
My parents live near Northampton so if you need any more info i might nbe able to get some,I think there are also some posters on here for the area.

Holymoly321 Wed 28-Jun-06 09:10:14

THanks Philly - we really don't know much about the area and don't want to end up buying a property and then be stuck with bad school. Any information you could provide would be most appreciated. I'll look into the areas you've mentioned.

beanandboo Wed 28-Jun-06 10:19:15

Boughton village is a lovely place with a nice little village school and school bus service to Moulton Secondary, which has recently changed to specialist science status I think. Moulton is a safe bet, but with schools it kinda depends what you are looking for. Moulton isn't very multiculturally diverse if that's something that would be important for you. Same goes for Boughton primary.

muma3 Wed 28-Jun-06 10:26:04

i live in northampton adn i loved my dd's lst school .ST MARYS CATHOLIC . we arent religious and they take children who come from none religious homes , it is a primary school and has great standards .

they now go to thorpelands primary and i hate it . avoid at all costs . i will be sending them both to northampton school for girls

good luck

muma3 Wed 28-Jun-06 10:27:34

duston is a lovely area and harlestone primary is excellent school too my friends 2 dd's go there and standards are high . harlestaone village is lovely too

Holymoly321 Wed 28-Jun-06 15:37:24

Hi muma - how come your kids now go to Thorpelands? I'd been told to stay away from Dustan as an area though. This is a very difficult decision! There's sooo much to think about esp as we don't know the area at all - it's hard enough thinking about schools, property etc when you are familiar with the area

muma3 Fri 30-Jun-06 12:09:12

we moved house and all the schools in the area were full and thorpelands was the only school that could take them on . as i dont drive i couldnt get them anywhere else. abington is a nice area too not sure of schools . my exmil lives in rothersthorpe and the vilage school is absolutely fantastic, area is very frindly not too far from town and has good access to motorway (m1) surrounding villages nice to ie kislingbury etc

Holymoly321 Fri 30-Jun-06 18:30:11

Hi Muma - thanks for that. What a bummer that you couldn't get your kids in where you wanted. I guess DS is a bit far off for all that as he's only 10 months but we don't want to move to a house somewhere and then regret buying it because the school is crap iyswim. I have no idea how this whole school thing works. I just assumed that if you were near to a good school they would take your child. Is this not the case then? I'll also look into the areas you've mentioned. I do like what I've briefly seen of Abington and Abington Vale and DH has to be within 5-10 mins walking or driving distance to Northampton train as he will continue working in London (blimey - the sacrifices you have to make to be able to afford a decent house!)

Holymoly321 Fri 30-Jun-06 18:33:48

Wow - just checked out Rothersthorpe on and property is expensive! BIt out of our price range! Guess it must be nice!

muma3 Fri 30-Jun-06 19:23:00

have you tried kingsthorpe village is ok too? are you prepared to move a little outside northampton or do you want to remain in town?

Holymoly321 Sun 02-Jul-06 15:39:53

Hi Muma - we don't mind being a bit outside the centre. Basically DH has to be within either a 5-10 min walk or drive from the station. I'll check out Kingsthorpe Village (although someone mentioned to me that Kingsthorpe itself is not that nice).

Yafta Sun 02-Jul-06 15:43:06

We live near Moulton and I would be happy to answer any questions you have,if I can .

Muma3 how can you be sure that your girls will get into the girls school? I thought it went on the application form?

muma3 Sun 02-Jul-06 16:38:09

i have already spoke to the school about getting them in and they said that there isnt any other way but to apply when the time comes . the only exception would be if they had family/siblings in the school . also someone mentioned that if they play a musical instriment then they will have a better chance.

what do you know about the school and have you got children there ?

Philly Tue 04-Jul-06 11:15:53

Milton is very good for the station if you want village but close to links as it is on the same side of town as the station.Not sure what the secondary schools are like,I went to Northampton high School (independent) until I was 13 and they now have a fantastic new site on the same side of town as Milton,Harlestone etc

Creole Tue 04-Jul-06 12:29:42

Don't worry too about this, we don't take into account absences of pupils who where 5 after the start of the academic year - this probably includes reception kids.

Creole Tue 04-Jul-06 12:30:46

Sorry wrong thread

mykidsmum Tue 04-Jul-06 12:40:07

my kids go to Cedar road primary in Abington and it is lovely, I would recommend living near here, I moved from Kingsthorpe and haven't looked back. Suprised you have been warned off Duston, there are far worse areas to live. Boughton and Moulton are very, very expensive, particuarly Boughton. Other areas i would consider moving to are Hardingstone, Wootton and if you have plenty of cash Collingtree.
Abington is lovely because it is near to a very beautiful park with birds, museum, cafe, lakes, swings etc. It is also close enough to town to walk, there are nice pubs and restaurants on the road into town from Abington. I couldn't recommend cedar road primary more but I cannot comment on secondary schools as i have no experience. hth

Holymoly321 Tue 04-Jul-06 13:45:03

Hi MKM, the school sounds great. I'm very keen on Abington and Abington Vale as they are the places that seem most like where we live in London at the moment. But it seems like the new build estates such as Grange Park, East Hunsbury etc get you more for your money and less hassles with parking your car (I'm terrible at parking - need LOTS of space!) But I think we're still going to look at Abington as I really liked it, older properties with a lot more character, nearer to shops and bars etc. Plus that park sounds gorgeous!

mykidsmum Tue 04-Jul-06 14:11:24

Grange Park, East Hunsbury and the like are all nice, but my friend who lives on Grange prk has to use a car to go anywhere it is joined to northampton by a dual carriageway and is a bit stuck on its own. Also as with most new housing estates she moans she is overlooked alot and has a tiny garden. Abington is very leafy, lots of properties have large gardens and there are many different styles, ie lots of 1950's bays, victorian terraces (small and large), modern properties etc. Cor I'm really going for the hard sell, I would def say its good for families, and the school that serves Abington Vale, Bridgewater primary is also fantastic, I have a friend whose kids go there!

savvy19 Sat 16-Sep-06 15:14:15

I'm moving from East Hunsbury to Billing Road Northampton (town End) its a toss up between Abington Vale and Barry Road - any thoughts?

WideWebWitch Sat 16-Sep-06 15:16:34

Somewhere that's a good primary now might not be in 6 years time, just bear that in mind!

aishu Wed 25-Nov-15 21:23:10

Am thinking of moving from london to duston , Northampton, I have 2 boys , 10years and 7 yrs old . Would any of u who r up that end recommend it ? Currently the ofsted of duston school is outstanding as well as Northampton school for boys . Pls do give me any info u may have on the area and schools .. Once I've bought I don't want to be stuck in an awful area! Thanks all x

Sweetsecret Mon 21-Dec-15 19:40:13

Cedar Road is a great school, always over subscribed though. Abington Vale I have been told is good.
I have had mixed reviews about Kingsthorpe Village, but viewed it when my DD was looking for schools and it seemed okay, Moulton and Boughton school always have great reviews.
Have heard good things about Whitehills school, I know a lot of people who live in Duston and like most places it has its nice and horrible parts, there has been a huge amount of new properties built in the area recently so plenty of houses to choose from.
Abington is lovely, you do pay a premium for living near the park which a friend of mine recently discovered it is a fantastic park though. I go often.

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