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DS2 teacher is striking; DS1 teacher is not. WIBU to keep them both off school?

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vj32 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:59:42

Only two of the three unions are striking, although admittedly the two biggest. So it is likely the remaining teachers are in the other union, and so are not legally allowed to join in the strike.

MirandaWest Tue 01-Oct-13 16:53:59

DSs teacher was in today and DDs wasn't. So DS went in and DD didnt. DS didn't moan about it - he knows that things like that happen (think roles were reversed last time).

As both DC have job sharing teachers there was the possibility that both DC might have been in and out during the day. Quite glad they weren't but would have sent them in at the right times.

WetGrass Mon 30-Sep-13 21:52:00

It's all a palaver

clam Mon 30-Sep-13 20:15:56

If your child's class was open for the morning only, would you send them in then?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 20:06:08

Last time this happened to me, I sent in DS2 as his class was open and he developed a stomach ache and I got called to bring him home! Bizarrely it was one of those problems that sorted itself out the minute he got homehmm

He never normally does anything like that, but I think the injustice of it got to himgrin

I would do it again though, if the class is open they go in......

SDhopeful Mon 30-Sep-13 20:00:51

Yes, we did that last time and had a lovely day out. Plenty of places open. If one fewer day's education makes no difference to one child, why would it to another? All parents should do the same, and just let the school close entirely for that day. The non-striking teachers will then be paid to do their prep etc, freeing up some of the time they would normally spend on it - the striking teachers lose a day's pay, more fool them.

PatriciaHolm Mon 30-Sep-13 18:23:11

Legoland isn't open tomorrow so don't go there ;-). And no I wouldn't keep a child off just because a siblings school was striking.

3birthdaybunnies Mon 30-Sep-13 16:54:53

Legoland will surely be heaving though as every other parent has the same idea. Hope they're ready for it. You could maybe buddy up with another parent with children in same class, one of you take the younger ones out for the day and the other one has the older ones for tea. We don't know yet, trying to remember what they did last time. I know that dd1's current teacher was out (though not her teacher at the time), I think dd2's was too. Ds's was in but as he is nursery I would take him out anyway. I wouldn't if he was in school though.

BetsyBidwell Mon 30-Sep-13 16:53:35


MadeOfStarDust Mon 30-Sep-13 16:51:00

if a teacher's on strike and they have kids whose teacher is NOT striking, would they keep their kids off?

BetsyBidwell Mon 30-Sep-13 16:49:19

i have sent different kids in and not last time.
I think you know its the wrong thing to do

plus the other teacher iSNT strike breaking - they might not be in a UNion

CaptainSweatPants Mon 30-Sep-13 16:48:09

I mean yes keep them both off

CaptainSweatPants Mon 30-Sep-13 16:47:31


Go to Legoland grin

BetsyBidwell Mon 30-Sep-13 16:46:45

its shit

mumeeee Mon 30-Sep-13 16:45:49


Wigeon Mon 30-Sep-13 16:11:50

DS1 will be marked as unauthorised absence, presumably.

In this situation I would send DS1 into school. Even though he might be unhappy about it!

ouryve Mon 30-Sep-13 15:59:43



Not all unions are striking.

WetGrass Mon 30-Sep-13 15:58:37

... And could I get away with it as a moral stance on strike breaking...?

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