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sixth form and strike action

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MrsAMerrick Wed 25-Sep-13 18:32:53

I don't want to discuss the pros and cons of strike action, but we have just had email from DS's school saying it will be closed to pupils next Tuesday because of the strike. It then goes on to say that the 6th form will be open for private study, if sixth formers want to go in and study....
My DS is in Year 12, and I don't know if all his teachers will be on strike. Surely if one or more of the teachers he has on Tuesday aren't striking, then those lessons should be held as usual? I have no problem with him going to hang out in the coffee bar study in the library if the teacher for a particular lesson is taking action, but if his maths teacher, for example, is in the school working as usual, then surely that includes teaching sixth form pupils as part of the usual timetable?

creamteas Wed 25-Sep-13 21:20:07

Staff don't have to state if they will be on strike before the date (although some will) so the school can't know who will or won't be available.

Hence they have little option to say no lessons at all, but on the day their might be a chance of one.

MrsAMerrick Fri 27-Sep-13 18:28:54

I appreciate that the school may not know in advance who is striking (although they know there are not going to be sufficient staff to run the main school) but surely if my son is there in the sixth form (which is open for "private study") and the teacher/s are there because they are not striking, then those lessons can go ahead?

EduCated Fri 27-Sep-13 18:31:19

Perhaps they will, but the school are following protocol in communicating to parents and have to plan for teachers not being there.

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