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Nurseries Teddington or sorrounding areas?

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Jzee Sun 25-Jun-06 16:24:56

We are moving to Teddington soon and I don't know the area at all. I have a 3year old and I would like to put him into a nice nursery. Can anymone recommend any? He is currently in the best place ever and even now after 4 months he still doesn't like to say 'goodbye mummy'. I don't mind if its slightly further afield than Teddington. I also don't know anyon in the area and would appreciate any tips.

Bestbabbymum Thu 27-May-10 22:10:12

Hi, can anyone suggest which area best for primary /secondary state schools - North Kingston, Teddington or Ham? Also, how close you need to live to a good school to get a place there?

richmond44 Tue 01-Jun-10 16:05:52

Hi Jzee

Do you need a full time 8-6 nursery? I cannot recommend one in Teddington but DD2 loved Buttons in Hampton (next to Twickenham prep). If you dont need a full time 8 to 6 nursery how about Athelstan House School in Hampton which has a nursery for children from 2 1/2. My eldest went there from 2 1/2 until 7, my middle dd now in Reception and my youngest joins in September when he will be 2 1/2. A lovely small nursery and school. Does after school clubs so can offer good child care. Its a wonderful caring school with a great Head. Well worth a visit or look at their website



escorchio Wed 02-Jun-10 19:19:49

Can't say about schools in Ham/N.Kingston, but you can't go wrong with any of the primaries in Teddington. Take your pick from CofE, RC, or non-denom. All lovely. The thing to be careful of, is if you want state secondary. Catchment for Teddington School is getting smaller every year. Fine if you only have girls though, and also have the choice of Waldegrave.

I know a few people who use/d Greenacres day nursery in Hampton Hill, and love it.

Good luck! Fab place to live

escorchio Wed 02-Jun-10 19:21:02

Just noticed the date of the op on this!! Sorry. Hope you have settled!

suzie2608 Thu 07-Jul-11 10:55:37

Hi there! Well the great news is that Buttons is opening in Teddington in September! The address is 8 Langham Road. They are currently taking registrations. or call 020 8840 3355

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