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Heathfield GDST Pinner 'merges' with Northwood College?

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notabully Thu 19-Sep-13 12:32:45

Anyone know what the real reason is behind the 'merger' with Northwood College?
My kids' school picked up a few extra pupils pronto after the announcement.

frogspoon Fri 27-Sep-13 18:49:13

I'm guessing falling numbers had something to do with it?

This photo of the new year 7 was taken just a few days before the announcement. A quick head count shows that there are less than 40 girls in the year group.

I went to Heathfield for a couple of years, and have several friends who went there the whole way through.

I actually went back to look at the school just a few months ago, to apply for a job (which I am now very grateful I did not get).

I think it's a shame, because it is a nice small school, and is the only girls school in Pinner. Now parents seeking girls only schools will need to look further afield and girls will need to travel to Northwood/Bushey/Edgware/Elstree/Rickmansworth etc to attend school.

It also has some nice modern facilities including a swimming pool and sports hall which will go to waste. I hope they can find some use for them within the community.

Out of interest, which school are your children at?

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