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kumon maths and english

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pinkladyd Mon 16-Feb-04 11:28:05

Has anyone seen the benefits of kumon maths and english for their child???

alibubbles Mon 16-Feb-04 15:23:49

My children used to do Kumon and really loved it It was a great help to my son who wouldn't, rather than couldn't, learn his tables.

The progression is really sound. DD wanted to do it as DS was, although she didn't need to, she got to GSCE level at 10, it helped her enormously with her A level maths because of the methodical way it works and reinforces a concept.

The English wasn't around when my two did maths, and I had often said that I wished that it would happen and eventually it did.

I would have no hesitation in reccommending it.

neetsmassi Sat 26-Jun-04 15:30:25

Alibubbles - I think you are in and around St Albans like me - which Kumon centre did you use?


neetsmassi Sat 26-Jun-04 15:33:20

Has anybody else in or around St. Albans used Kumon?

childish Sat 26-Jun-04 23:38:45


mummytojames Sat 26-Jun-04 23:43:23

i havent tried it but was looking at there website as was thinking about it to help my ds when he starts school and tbh i thought it was a rip of for the short amount of time and how much they were charging im thinking of sticking with the internet and the leap frog books for him because they cover english and maths as well but the dont charge the earth for it imo anyway

codswallop Sat 26-Jun-04 23:44:03

aha! there is ali bibbles! we have msiswed you

alibubbles Mon 12-Jul-04 10:28:05

Message withdrawn

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