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moving to the uk (perhaps... maybe... oh how i hope so!)

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Mr78 Wed 11-Sep-13 19:15:22

Hi to everybody, I'm new mumsnet and this is my first post.
First of all I'll present myself and later explain why I'm writing: I'm a 30 and something Italian, a very happy father of two (girl 4yo and boy almost 3yo) and married to a fantastic if somewhat tempestous woman ;-) but oh well, aren't we latins all like that? ;-)

The reason I'm writing is the very same I came across the site in the first instance and subscribed later. We currently live in Italy but I might have the possibility to be posted to London for work in the not-so-far future, it's not assured but it is a concrete possibility (and I pray oh how much I pray for it!).
To avoid crashing against aforementioned concrete I'm starting to gather some informations on living there. I'll be honest me and my better half are a bit scared (nothing major, just menial things like... she would have to quit work and start hunting for it when there, we are moving two kids, everything is bound to be different... simple things like that).

The first thing I'd like to ask is a suggestion on where to look to start my search for a house, many other questions will come in time but for the time being I'm just wondering on this.
Just to give you a bit of background my work would be based in two locations, the City (near lloyds) and Crawley, just south of London. We were thinking of a small town in Sussex, for the easy connections, but schooling is a big issue too -so location of good schools is to be taken into about too- and the idea of living in a soulless dormtown isn't exactly my cup of tea, I'd prefer some place with a bit of a historical town centre, not for any night life but... You know... I mean, I live in a very small town with just a small centre but in those roads there is only a couple of buldings that are less than a century old and most are older (I wonder if what I mean to say does come across or if I just sound like another of those complicated and petulant Italians... No please don't answer to this grin )
Any suggestion? Ideas? Advice? Tricks? Maps to " go get lost " country?
Thanks a lot for any help

CMOTDibbler Wed 18-Sep-13 20:15:00

We used to live in East Grinstead, and I worked in Crawley, DH commuted to London (v near Lloyds as it happens). Loved living there, and it has great advantages of being able to park in the station carpark, being the end of the trainline both ends (so you get a seat), and as the line is slower than the Haywards Heath line, house prices are cheaper. Half the trains go into London Bridge too, which is then a short walk across the bridge into the City.

avolt Thu 19-Sep-13 16:22:59

I used to work near Lloyds. If you can I'd find somewhere with a mainline train into London Bridge - avoiding the tube saves a lot of travelling time. If it were me, I'd go for somewhere like Horsham.

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